Bible Black Ero Demon Raep Figure


Images of this alluring figure of Imari from famed eroge Bible Black about to be introduced to the business end of a demonic raepist have been out for some time, but now that the figure is so near to release a closer inspection might be warranted.

This 1/6 PVC figure’s full name is the tremendously long title of: C-Works DIVA バイブルブラック 第六章 黒の降臨 伊万里胡桃/ C-Works Diva Bible Black Chapter VI The Advent of Black Imari Kurumi.

It will be produced by the relatively obscure C-Works and sculpted by 鯛兄堂Tinykid / Tainido Tinykid, which I have to assume is a pseudonym…




These images are enough to attract a good deal of attention, but there have been surprisingly few images released of the figure even now, a mere two weeks before release.

Fortunately Moeyo has acquired a preview version and offers some close ups of the more interesting areas…




The Advent of Black Imari figure will go on sale January 10 for about ¥11,200, a price which seems more reasonable if you consider the bonus demon raepist and a base more elaborate than the norm.

PlayAsia is currently taking orders. It was also available at Hobby Search but pre-orders have since closed. As the figure is a limited edition produced in small numbers, this might become a tough find. The last resort of utilizing Japanese auction sites and proxies might be required.

Nonetheless, those of us interested in such a figure will likely not be fazed, as this fine figure is certainly unique in its own way…


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