Ministry: Lolicon Teachers Still Plague Japanese Schools


Japan’s hentai teachers continue their reign of terror over schools, according to Japanese government statistics.

In 2007, 164 teachers were subjected to punishment for sex related misbehaviour, according to MEXT (education ministry) statistics.

These numbers are down 26 on the previous year, and down 32 from the historic high in 2003, but it seems the current levels are stable at a “high” plateau (though the absolute numbers of victims are at historically low levels).

44.5% of their “victims” (bearing in mind this includes prostitution and consensual sex) were pupils.

Amongst those teachers punished for “indecent acts”, including sexual harassment, 45 taught in elementary schools, 55 in middle schools, 57 in high schools, and 6 in special schools.

Including the 83 subjected to disciplinary dismissals, 139 teachers were subjected to punishment for school sex antics. In addition, 11 were ordered to resign, and 14 were reprimanded.

Of these hentai teachers, 40 were gropers, 34 sexers, and 19 peekers. Some 4.9% committed their offences during class (it’s not clear if any of these were sex, we might think not), 11.6% after school, and 5.5% took place during club activities. The rest were in other situations.

Via ZakZak.

As anyone who has seen the reporting of their antics can attest, it seems the Japanese teaching profession attracts lolicon maniacs like no other…

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