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Ishikei’s Kannagi Doujinshi & Hot Milk Cover


Esteemed ero artist Ishikei has provided the cover for the latest issue of ero-manga magazine Comic Hot Milk. The book’s contents also include art by other well known artists such as Kisaragi Gunma and Urotan, so this issue should be of interest to hunters of cake and oppai alike.

In related news, the cover for Ishikei’s new C75 Kannagi doujinshi has been released, and is quite a sight to behold…


The magazine is the February 2009 issue of コミック「ホットミルク / Comic Hot Milk, which went on sale on Christmas Day.


The pinkish text in the center reads: “Bodies you just want to fondle ♥ As your partner tonight, which girl would you pick!?”


Ishikei does not have a proper story in the magazine unfortunately, but there is at least the above messy bukkake scene of his included.


Kisaragi Gunma has a story included in the magazine.


Urotan’s contribution. He may be best known for his Strike Witches Lucchini doujinshi from C74.

Via Moeyo.

And lastly, the promised cover to Ishikei’s C75 Kannagi book, from Ishikei’s homepage:


The book will be named BetsuJIN, A4 sized, and 16 pages long.

A separate omake book will also be on sale at Ishikei’s booth, which will include B/W art such as this:


Some other big names will also have C75 doujinshi on sale

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