Teacher Stress Relievers: Schoolgirl Oppai


A teacher who, in order to relieve himself of “stress”, repeatedly fondled the chest of his 10-year-old pupil and filmed her and her classmates, has been dismissed from his post and charged with sexual assault.

The teacher (34) repeatedly fondled the breasts (such as they might be) of one of his fourth year elementary school pupils in the classroom; it is not clear if this took place during class, although this seems unlikely.

In addition to this, the teacher also succumbed to the urge to film his fondling, and was also found to have been repeatedly filming his other charges whilst they changed into their PE gear.

He excuses himself thus: “I did it to relieve myself of stress. I’ve done a really stupid thing. I regret this from the bottom of my heart.”

He was finally arrested for the offences, which took place in April and May, on the 24th of December. He has been charged with indecent assault, and sacked from his position.

Via ZakZak.

We are left wondering why this man gets the book thrown at him, whilst another guilty of practically identical offences is granted a non-teaching position at his school?

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