Touhou Shutter Girl


This unique Touhou MAD bases itself on the “Shoot the Bullet” camera-shooting (instead of bullets) spin-off game, using a combination of 3DCG and traditional 2D to make something reminiscent of an anime OP sequence. Recommended for fans of frenetic J-Rock MADs or just Touhou in general.

Player 1


You may wish to skip the last minute of the video, which talks about the creation process.

The MAD’s full name is given as 最速最高シャッターガール / The Fastest and Highest Shutter Girl. The art seen above is from the MAD’s artist himself – see more at his circle, Anipix’s website.


Interestingly, at Comiket 75 Anipix will be releasing a “Touhou Arrangement CD” with Noya, artist for the other new Touhou MAD currently causing a sensation on Nico, Eternal Tewi.

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