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To Love-Ru Ero Trap OVA Promo Video

Popular tentacle raep service anime To Love-Ru’s upcoming OVA, due for April 3, has just received a promotional video on the series’s official website.

As expected, footage of male protagonist Rito cross-dressing is included. His trap form is indeed very enticing…

Player 1

As reported before, the To Love-Ru OVA will be packaged together with the 13th volume of the manga and is still scheduled for an April 3 release date. Not much in the way of new information has been released besides that the OP/ED will both be duets sung by Lala and Haruna.

A major concern with the TV series was the lack of ecchiness displayed even in the DVD version, a shock for an adaptation of a manga series that contains scenes such as these aplenty:



The PV disappointingly does not show anything too explicit, but it is only a streaming Internet ad available to the general public, so perhaps there is still hope?

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