Libraries Must Lend Boys Love to Children


Sakai City libraries have reversed their decision to restrict lending of “Boys Love” titles to minors, made following complaints that the huge collection the library had amassed harmed children and “sexually harassed” library users, apparently folding to pressure over censorship concerns and even opting to allow lending of all BL books to minors…

Starting in July, the 7 city libraries began receiving complaints that the massive collection of some 5,500 BL books (many with amorous homoerotic depictions of the male characters on their front covers) were overly risqué and harmful to children.

In response, the libraries switched to a “non-self serve system” in which librarians fetch the books for borrowers (not unheard of for Japanese libraries) and restricted lending of BL novels to those over the age of 18.

However, a citizen’s group complained that “Excluding or disposing of a particular style of book is not becoming of a library. There was political pressure too.” In response to pressure from such complaints, the library once again changed its policy in November, putting BL back on a self serve lending policy and now allowing the lending of BL books to minors under 18.

Some citizens view the quick flip-flop in official policy suspiciously: “Are they really changing their policy based on what people tell them so quickly?”

Sakai city officials hold the position: “We originally made a wrong, hasty decision.”


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Via Itai News.

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