Macross Frontier Ero CDs On Sale


Two new official Macross Frontier singles have just been released, both with ero CD jackets so explicit that the CDs are sold censored on store shelves.

The art you may be familiar with, as most of it comes straight from the famous Macross Ero-Van

Sheryl’s “Ship of the Space Brothers”:


Ranka and Bobby’s “SMS Song”:


Both singles come with what are advertised as “nose art stickers”, Ranka‘s with 3, Sheryl‘s with 2. The stickers included with Ranka’s are only partly visible above, but one of them appears to be the same nose art seen on one of the SMS ships in the show of a nopan Ranka squatting and taking off her bra?

The other Sheryl sticker is below:



The CDs on display at Toranoana. For those curious in otaku-aimed advertising, here’s a translation of what the mascot is yelling:

Hey, the nose art stickers are ERO!
Ranka’s not wearing any (pantsu)…
Sheryl seems like she’s egging us on….
You’ve got to buy these stickers!

The lack of any mention of the actual music, the supposed main good here, is amusing.

In case you are also interested in the music, they’ve made their way online…

Sheryl’s “Ship of the Space Brothers“.

Ranka and Bobby’s “SMS Song“.

Via Akiba Blog.

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