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Fans Worldwide Heap Scorn on Live Action Dragonball Film


The upcoming Hollywood theatrical film version of Dragonball has seen its promotional campaign ramp up in recent months, with the expected result of sending fans of the series into lurid rages.

One helpful 2channer has collected a number of comments from a a wide range of countries and translated them into Japanese for his fellow’s convenience. They do make for an entertaining read…

A condensed summary of the comments:

This is a joke right? There’s no way they ever read Dragonball?

This is Dragonball? What a farce.

This annoying movie will destroy Dragonball’s legend!

I watched Dragonball since I was little…the ‘Dragonball’ part in the title is an utter lie.

Learn some shame Hollywood!

Are they gonna sell it at Comiket 75?

Is this like the Star Wars version of Dragonball?

Japanese fans’ comments followed suit in decrying the farcical movie:

It looks like a B-Grade Kung Fu movie…

Don’t they feel embarrassed for making this?

I think (movie adaptations) of Japanese anime should be left to Japan.

Bulma looks like Rambo fighting with those guns.

How did the French guy know about Comiket?

Hollywood sure is shameless. Just so that it’ll sell better, they destroy the original story. Why didn’t they just start from the very beginning with a different property?

I’ll spare you the rest, as it all follows in the same vein. Apparently it seems easy to find criticism of the film regardless of the nationality of the posters, but what is hard is finding anyone that is actually pleased with what they’ve been seeing.

Are there any Dragonball fans out there happy about the film, I wonder?


Japanese poster for Dragonball: Evolution

Shown below is the trailer for Dragonball: Evolution. It should give those unfamiliar with the live action project a better idea of what to expect:

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  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    I really came late to this site…

    All that money they flush making stuff like that… Even a few mil, with modern technology (CG) could make a very wonderful “Priest-Kings of Gor”…

  • cowboy beebop is ASIAN not bird shit colored trailer park actor named neo stuck in da matrix FUK FOXX ENT. Dam Hollywood Im “NOT” seeing CowBoy BeeBop with neo as da star they killed dragon ballZ now they wanna kill real anime FUK CARTOON NETWORK AND HOLLYWOOD FUKN FOXX ENT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous says:

    All the people that made bad comments just lack information since it was always announced as alternative story.

    Guess why it is named Evolution which means actually “change”.

  • Anonymous says:

    All you haters shuddup! Man that movie was awesome!! I fucking love it! It was so full of cool CGI effect and I love how they change the Picolo character, it was plain cool! IMO it was way better than the original comic storyline, more exciting and action-packed!!
    I can’t see why you haters hate it so much, probably all of you are tasteless sucker.

  • SauloMachado says:

    Man , I’m from Brazil, also watched DragonBall in the right order, first DragonBall chibi Goku then DBZ and the whole family on a bloodlust savage funny fight.

    This movie really, really sucks. There are no words to describe it, except that it is NOT dragon ball.

  • Anonymous says:

    just saw it online
    no krillin?
    roshi master of goku’s granpa?
    roshi livin on the city?
    the balls gives you premonitions?
    goku wanna f*ck over fighting?
    bulma, chi chi, yamcha, WTF?
    the bad guy of The MASK (jim carrey) as Piccolo?
    goku transform into ozaru at 18?
    Goku was a bad guy and worked for picolo?
    and so on….

  • lol i don’t think its that bad as long as you see it as a normal movie i guess lol but the cg looks awesome! lol with chow yun fat in it feels like bulletproof monk lol and all those movies lol xD

    Yes, it may be bad to adapt anime to real life but look at this from another perspective lol the effects look good from the trailer and well the characters dont look much like their anime counterparts but if you just look at it as a new movie its not that bad lol unless you’re an outraged dbz fan lol

  • What a piece of shit, if they hadn’t introduced Bulma in the trailer I would have never guessed it’s her. And the fighting style is totally not dragon ball. And it goes with such an american attitude along the way. I just hope they won’t be rescueing people from terrorists or fighting against russia

  • What pisses me and many other people off is not a bad /Dragonball/ adaptation, and rather the Hollywood attitude “fuck ethics, come money”. Any American should be boycotting this movie. Did you ever stop one second to think what the Japanese will think about this movie? It shouldn’t be even released there. But, for Hollywood, Japan = Asian. Asian thing transformed into movie = Big success in Asia.

    Hell, just look at the whole picture. White guy as the main lead, all that crap stuff that brainless american teenagers like, etc… American Pie: Dragonball.

  • Ok guys, it is a movie. It may not be the best darnest thing you ever saw, but it’s a movie. it may not look like the anime, because it’s not. it’s real people. the story might be unique, so get over that. it is a movie, and from what i saw, it looked decent and heck, i’d watch it. and i bet there are hypocrites around who said this sucks and will still go watch it. so again. it’s a movie. love it, hate it, what ever. but wow. there are a lot of terrible movies around the world and fans of dragon ball are so pissed over this. amazing

  • Hollywood needs to stop making movies pirode. I mean I just went to you tube to watch some movie traliers and all I saw was crap. fast and the fuirous four god help us! g.i. joe god just shot me! the only movies I have hope for are transfomers 2 and the new harry penise movie. other than that im done with hollywood. they can just get down on their knees and do what they do best…suck! they shoud take a lesson from me I mean I can creat better shit than this. and whos bright idea was it too make shonen movie adaption. Unless your god danm shakespear know one could make that work. hoolywood needs to adpat seinen comics instead those would make more sense anyway. I mean gantz, black lagoon, high school of the dead, god even hellsing would have been a better choice! thank god there coming out with a live action deat note, and evangelion. but man if they screw those up god help them all. I can just see it now tonight on the 10 clock news raging fan boys & girls attacking the writers of the new eva film.Im just saying if they dont stop now get ready for the one piece live action movie!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    hmmmm… well i think FANS would do better movie rather then this “THING”

    they should have choosed animatrix or final fantasy style movie or something…. nvm EPIC FAIL here =/

  • This film is horrible in every way!!!
    OK, you can change the story, you can create a new story since repeating the exact anime storyline probabbly would have been boaring, but you CAN’T and you DON’T and you MUSN’T change characters personality and attitudes!!! Why they told in this movie that the 7 dragon balls have been created by 7 sages instead of God? And where are Bulma’s light blue hairs? And where is Roshi? The perfect actor for Roshi would have been Pat Morita from Karate Kid (but he’s dead) or someone similar! And Goku is not Goku! He doesn’t have his star shaped hair and his stupid personality! Yamcha looks like a model and has no Puar, Chichi whos is more like Christina Aguilera! And Krilin, Olong, Tenshinhan where are they???
    You talk about adaptations? OK take for example the Hellboy movie, Hellboy looks identical to the comic drawings, with big body, red skin and his filed horns! And there is also the Nana movie where the characters are identical to the anime!!!


    Not only there will never be..not ever in a million years…a good movie about dragonball. For the love of anime why do they do this..and first of al is made by the Americans …im not racist but all they know about anime is digimon and hentai…. might I ad that a European looking Goku sucks… if there would have been an Asian actor then maybe I would have hated the movie lesser..But still the idea is bad and for ever will be bad…

  • As a guy reviewing the movie as a movie, I imagine it won’t be half bad.

    As a dragonball fan, it’ll never please because it strays so far from the story.

    I think we should look at this movie as a different take on how the story would be in a more serious mood with elements based off the original story.

    I’m looking forward to how it does, and I expect this to be a fairly good action movie.

  • hauntedview says:

    I’m from the US and when I saw the trailer awhile back I just about cried out in shame. I’m much older than a lot of you here but I watched reruns of DBZ for years and thoroughly enjoyed them. How dare Hollywood place a Euro centric theme on this great series. I will not watch this farce. I hope some Japanese producer quickly garners the funds to make the correct real life version.
    Umm, maybe my knowledge of DBZ is limited but where in the hell is Vegeta??!!
    ____)~~ ~~;( . Y . )

    • Well, maybe they’re using the first Dragon Ball story, not Z, where there were no aliens (if I’m not mistaken); but with grown up characters in a high school (Dragon Ball 90210?) and no Kamehouse, and anything related to the original story. In fact, the only thing taken from DB is the names… and the dragon balls(hoping there’re seven of them).

  • They could have made it more like speed racer like advanced tech odd citys, no furries just mostly a human population with powerful fighters, the kid lives alone with his adoptive father until he dies and then when he’s a teenager he goes off for adventure and to find Master Roshi.

    Picclo whos age roughly matches gokus, is trying to gather up the dragon balls so have that element in the back ground, Goku who’s now in his 20s finds master Roshi finally and starts his training for Chi/energy manipulation.

    Now Kami and MR.Bobo could be handled as a Indian style deity, they are not really gods but space aliens who have come to earth to help it. Now from here you could toss in Gema and the metaphysical world of the soul for kicks, he does not need be a 20 story giant a 8-10 foot giant with a huge bread will do, he manages one of many places where souls come into to the afterlife.
    He and Kami have a talk about Picclo and the damage he is brining to the world and that something must be done, Rochi and Kami are friends and he sees great potential in Goku, he and 3 other warriors(Krillain,Yamcha and what’s the 3 eyes gay name?) are gathered together do some fighting with each other and then go to Kami for final training to allow them to maximize their Chi powers, so we go from basic energy blasts that are equitable to mediocre sci fi weapons to more DB/DBZ style energy blasts.

    They then go off to fight Piccolo and his minions.
    Its better than completely ignoring the fiction like they are doing… I’d rather see it toned down and redone than raped…

      • They wouldn’t take it its too close to the original IP 😛

        And yes I know my idea is half arsed, it is merely a exsample…like most my thoughts…:P

        But there are limits to what you can do for a film, its not Disney so kids are out, if its teens or tweens(12-2X) staring in it you can gain more foot traffic.

        Hell IMO DB is star wars without the heavy mysticism,light sabers and romance.

        Play up the tech and non human races aspects of the show then add in the fighters and life force manipulation. Give it as much mysticism as Kung fu panda to not offend the wooly and dim American film goer.

        I mean come on look at what they did to Doom to make it for sheepple…..

  • Transformers was a cheap action flick lil story,pissed on characters and crap CGI designs. It screams B grade with a A+ budget…kinda like Xmen…and BLade…oh wait…Blade got a B class budget… it was a F….

    Anyway I can not stand it when they take perfectly good fiction and rape it to repackage it for mainstream.

    Lets face it people..its going to suck now it not suck as bad as DOOM or Street fighter it might even be bad but funny…. but its going to be bad…. Have you all forgotten DOA already?

  • The way it’s going, it could either turn out to be a cringe-worthy nightmare or a hilarious unintentional comedy. Either way, one thing I am very certain about is that it will be an absolute flop. When I first heard that a Dragonball live action was being made, I facepalmed. I always thought that it simply wouldn’t work and it would be a laughing stock. But I never imagined that it would be THIS bad…

  • Three reasons on how this movie COULD become a hit:

    1. The people who will heavily criticize the film

    2. The curious people and

    3. People who have nothing better to spend their time and money on


    You wanna know why Goku is Asian???

    Goku is based on the Chinese character named Sun Wukong the Monkey King.

    Dragonball is based on the Chinese Novel Journey to the West.

    Goku has all the Asian features such as black hair & black eyes.

    Akira Toriyama explained that Goku’s gi uniform is modeled after the robes worn by the Shaolin monks of China, being that he wanted Dragon Ball to take on a Chinese feel.

    Goku’s name was written in Kanji. If he was a white baby Goku, his name would be written in katakana.

    If a Mangaka makes a character who’s name is written in Kanji then that would mean that the Mangaka’s intent was to make a Japanese Character.

    So if you will use your common sense you will know that Goku is 100% ASIAN.

  • KajunBowser says:

    And I thought the live-action version of Akira was going to suck!! OMFG this sucks MJR balls!!!!!! They’ve totally perverted the name of DBZ, and raep’d it over and over and over again. Everyone (except the cast) should be arrested and sent to Club Git’mo! EPIC FAIL x1000.


    Now about the question – negative or positive???

    My answer is:

    I think if you are even SLIGHTLY fan or sympathizer of DB/Z then it comes as a PHYSICAL LAW that you MUST hate this movie.

    Those who claim that they are DB/Z fans and support this movie are in my opinion none other than Fox employees or some posers who are fans of something not cause they like it really but cause its “IN” to be a fan of something today…and DB/Z always parodied such impure and elitist attitude and always preached purity and fight for the good 😉 So there you have it…


    Thank you very much for reading ^_^

    • SSSSSSSoooo true..the first time I saw this I had a homicidal impulse towards my computer(throw it out the window in hope that wil die a honorable death after I loaded the said video on the inocent screen) and to rip out my eyes with a very rusty fork..(im not a masochist) but the hole idea of this movie had that impact…..Death to Hollywood…

  • Negative for me. Hollywood needs to leave the live action movies of japans anime series to japan. I mean come on a white Goku no thanks not to mention goku is a little kid in the original dragonball series.. Not even gonna bother with this Hollywood trash.

  • SaintNicolas says:

    Why do these freckled\pink\face\white always treat Asians as shit. Why not give the main role for the Asian for once goddamit. Goku is fucking Asian! Goddamn those nazi bastards who hired chatwin! DAMN YOU!!

    I think you fucking freckled\pink\face\white are afraid to give Asian people a CHANCE.



    • Anonymous says:

      No, Goku is an alien, not an asian, but I understand your confusion. 😛

      Anyway, say what you want but no matter how bad this movie will turn out, it will never be as bad as the average Japanese live action movie. Admit it, these are usually nothing but some idiots jumping around in spandex on an Akihabara rooftop.

  • TheDemon2300 says:

    I have been a supporter of this movie ever since Fox acquired the rights back in 2001-2002.

    There is nothing that I have heard or seen from this film that would make me dislike it.

    I’m looking forward to it and will likely pay to see it in the theater MULTIPLE TIMES.

  • Positive, because I am a hopeful person, who hopes this movie does good and I don’t give negative feelings to things like movies or fictional people. I save my hatred for real people and the such.

  • Neo X Alucard says:

    LOL @ all the comments! I used to love dragon ball, still do. But that will not keep me from seeing and possibly enjoying this movie.

    Guys, don’t cling to the past so much, life is too short. Dragon Ball is long in need of an update, Evolution might be it. Either way LOL @ all the losers who thought that a Hollywood adaptation would be a carbon copy of anything Dragon Ball they had seen before! Get Over it!

    This is exactly why I didn’t read any of the HP book. Despite all the HP movies being great, most of the book fans are disappointed that things aren’t exactly the same as the book. But I did see every single ep. of DB,DBZ,GT and moives. And even I can admit that I’m a little disappointed that we don’t get to see the old Goku we all know and love, but I have moved on and hope to see a good rendetion of DB.
    If not oh well, there is other stuff out there.

  • Believe me, when I saw the trailer on Youtube, I thought, “What the f***?!”

    No, really, WHAT THE F…

    ::explodes in anger, no evil laughs are heard::

    I’ve seen Dragon Ball Z for years, the English Ocean/Funimation dubs, and the Japanese clips, it doesn’t matter, but I know that THIS IS NOT Dragon Ball material!

    Take out the title and iconic Dragon Ball pic from the movie, and what do you get? A movie that has nothing to do with Akira Toriyama’s work!

    Two things should be done about this:

    1. Akira Toriyama should sue the director, 20th Century Fox, or both for ruining such an anime franchise, and Toriyama has a very high chance of winning that legal battle. He’ll “Kamahameha” those charges right at them and blow the director to another dimension!

    2. If Death Notes did exist, i’d like to what Light Yagami would do if he saw the trailer: find out the director’s name and face, write down his name on it, and hang himself in the DragonBall Evolution movie set, and have it included in an upcoming DVD of it!

  • Jajaja, voted negative
    And i’ll watch it even if it is a whole piece of… Hollywood it’s awesome XDDDDDDDD
    Well, still, it looks funny for me. I can’t deny the fact that it’s an insult for the series, but man, think about it as an American-money-seeking adaptation than a subliminal piece of… something a dog left behind after doing it’s job XDDDDDD
    It will make it easier for you all to see it… And aside what most of you said still all are going to see it XDDDD

    God Bless America and it’s adaptations anyone looks even it is piece of… XDDDD

    PD: No, i’m not gonna say what really comes after the dots never XD

  • whoa, so many comments…
    I wonder if it’s a new record?

    Anyway, I’ll just wait for the movie to be released, wait to see/hear people’s reaction, and, depending on what I’ve heard, watch/ignore it.

    I will probably watch it anyway. If it’s bad, it will be so bad it’s good.

  • well, let just try and think our beloved DragonBall never exist in the first place…….


    • The Transformers movie was garbage. Yes, it had great effects and the human leads were hot, but, overall it sucked as a movie. It had a nonsense story. None of the robots were well developed as characters. The actions an motives of most of the characters didn’t really make any sense. And like DBE most of the movie’s memorable moments and plot points were ripped off from better movies.

  • It’s hard finding those who are pleased?

    Go to this website:

    Experience the retardedness of the internet.

    They actually love it.

    You’ll see some of my comments there too, supporting the movie, because I have some bit of hope left. But apparently it’s starting to dim.

    So yes, NEGATIVE.

    Good thing it’s EVOLUTION in the title, otherwise it would be an insult to the original.

    And it does look like a B-Movie kung fu movie in vein of The Forbidden Kingdom.

    • Dragonball Evolution….

      Evolution implies Survival of the Fittest. Let’s wait and see if this film grosses higher than other anime-to-movie adaptations first before we judge it. My own initial impression of this craptastic take on a classic series notwithstanding.

  • i agree with shiki, that is 100% my opinion too. This is NOT Dragonball from akira toriyama, this a completely new movie/story and just took some small parts from the manga/anime.
    DON’T compare this to the manga and you will like it

  • i give it a positive… and i will say why

    1.- have any of you see a dragon ball movie (japanese really old) well i saw it and it sucked really bad (the story more than all)

    2.- i have seen almost all from dragon ball, but i am not taking this movie like something from dragon ball (they just took the name and some of the story)

    to watch this forget all you know about dragon ball and watch it like a normal movie… and you will like it…

    and if you want something that looks like dragon ball from the manga and anime… well keep dreaming, that never happend in all the others anime / movie attempts

    i will watch it and i am sure it will be a nice movie… if i will relate this movie with the dragon ball we all know… of course not (i dont want to destroy something i like)

    • 1. Ha!!! The Japanese never made a live action of Dragonball, idiot!!!!!
      2. If they want to make this so that people will see it as another film, the friggin change all the Dragonball-related name in heavens sake!!!

      Anyone who watches instead of boycott this crap is automatically disqualified from the Dragonball fanbase.

  • This is stupid. I can’t believe anyone is actually speaking positively about this pathetic excuse of Hollywood’s to cash in on one of the greatest things to ever happen to anime and manga by making a piece of shit representation of it that doesn’t even resemble the original story. It’s crap. This is not Dragon Ball. I will never see it that way. Fuck you, Hollywood.

    Even if you aren’t a fan of Dragon Ball, and you’re just expecting it to be a good Martial Arts-type of movie, it’s still a piece of shit. You want good Martial Arts? Stick to Jackie Chan movies. There’s a lot of them to keep your lust for the genre satisfied. Don’t give them money for this shit. It’s not even worth the bandwidth to download this garbage.

  • IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    The taiwanese film was fairly decent with the technology capabilities of the time and actors used. Some replacement of anthromorphic characters were done (Pooal into a parrot). AFAIK it summarized the initial arc of Dragon Ball. The American movie redesigns looks aweful.

  • This movie obviously has little to nothing to do with Dragon Ball. I just want to ask those people who are eager to watch it: would you if you weren’t an anime/DB fan? (btw I find stupid to swallow whatever drivel anime industry makes just because you’re a fan).

    Let’s take away the fact that this movie has “dragon ball” as its title; this trailer by itself would SUCK.

    At least it can’t be as bad as “The Happening”.

  • Somebody should shoot the yes man that kept this movie going and tellling the director and writer that it’s would be a hit!
    Didn’t they watched live action DOA and gundam!? atleast those movies stayed alittle to their anime origins………Who would say that they looked like the characters from the anime and the story line sucked!

  • I’m not looking forward to this at all. Not because of it failing at the box office, but being seen as a base or standard for what anime adaptation are going to be in Hollywood’s eyes. If this and Speed Racer are the signs of what’s to come from other anime properties, it’s going to be really hard for other titles to be successful in the US.

  • They chose the wrong Goku… I’ve always seen Goku as a non serious character… The Goku here reminds me of the Miz from WWE… Kamehameha looks bad too cause he did it wrong… What’s next Naruto Hollywood with that HighSchool Musical guy as Naruto… If they can do this I’m sure that is possible… >__<

  • Frankly im looking forward to seeing it…its THE Dragonball movie…that says something …and yeah its very extremely different from the anime…but shiet…DB is meant to be an anime… this is totally different..therefore…its totally different

  • WingGundam83 says:

    I do NOT want to see this. I have one response to this:
    Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000! Movies like this are the reason this show was made. I even have some nicknames for this movies Goku:
    Slab Bulkhead
    Gristle McThornbody
    Lump Beefbroth
    Crunch Buttsteak
    Roll Fizzlebeef

    Maybe you guys can up with some of your own…

  • Damn! I don’t really like the Dragon Ball series to begin with (not coz it’s bad, but it just didn’t suit my taste), but I’d like it all the hell way better than this crapfest…

    I give it 6 “Mehs” out of 5…

  • this looks worse that that street fighter movie they did a long time ago with Jean-Claude Van Damme

    exactly were in this movie does anything even remotely resemble dragonball lol

    apparently they don’t understand the concept of getting reference material when making movie adaptations…

  • The dragball movie had potential to be great and awesome. However they decided against that and as always fucked it up. IMO 1 of the only ways this could of been a great movie was if it was set in the DBZ timeline and had Kid Buu as the villian. Say what you want about the series but Kid Buu was a god damn monster. Think of the awesome fights that could of happened and how brutal it could of been (if you don’t remember, there is basicly half an episode devoted to kid buu annihilating vegeta in horrible ways_

  • God knows why anyone would think this movie looks good. CG looks bad, dialogue is horrible, adaptation is fail, and characters are WTF?!?!?! So I will be watching this for the lulz when it comes out with a couple of my friends as we watch and mock this movie in the movie theatre.

  • Zing Freelancer says:

    I dont mind them making movies out of it, but when even the trailer looks like crap. Then what can you expect from a movie?
    Wish people in Hollywood cared about QUALITY or else they can just make some soap operas to harvest money.

  • Oh no another Final Fantasy Spirits Within. Why is Goku an american? Why is Bulma a Commando? Where the heck is Piccolo’s Antenna? Chou Yung Fat would have been a MUCH better goku. With some make up they could make him look young enough. Oh yeah and why is everyone so slow?

    • Master Roshi *should’ve* been Japanese, at the very least.

      The more I read about it and the more I see the trailers, the more I’m convinced it’s gonna be like Kung Fu crossed with Catch The Pigeon….. with the dragon balls being the seven pigeons -_-.

      They may as well have cast someone as Dick Dastardly and CG designed Muttly.

  • “Dragonball: Evolution” ? More like “Dragonball: De-evolution”

    Just because this rage by the fans will create good viral marketing… hollywood needs to learn where to draw the line at… This tarnishes the name of one of the most classic anime titles…

  • I’ve just read that Hamasaki Ayumi will do the theme song. Going so far as to hire a JPop artist… maybe they’ve put more thought in it than this pathetic trailer suggests?

    I too am more concerned for the Cowboy Bebop and Robotech live action movies anyway. They better not f**k those up. Being space operas, they have potential for a decent Hollywood adaption. Well I don’t like Robotech, but I’ll just pretend it’s Macross anyway, so I would be deeply hurt if it sucks.

  • polarbear925 says:

    Interesting…so many people fuming against the DB film…and it hasn’t even been released. Thus, folks are spouting like howler monkeys about a film NONE OF THEM HAS EVEN SEEN. I’ll form my opinion AFTER I see the film, thanks. If nothing else, at least then I’ll know of what I speak.

  • this movie is meant to appeal to a general audience, not just dragonball fans; so, obviously changes had to be made. movies are a business, afterall. however, were the changes good or not? i’ll judge for myself after watching the movie.

  • Well I’ve pretty much determined that any adaptation will ignite nothing but scorn if I enjoyed the original. Add to the fact I was just burned by the movie version of a beloved novel I just have no more faith to give to such projects.

  • i’m from the US and i’ve been watching DB/DBZ/ since i was a little kid, many many years..with such a giant fanbase and so many complaints, how can 20th century fox actually go ahead with this fail of a movie regardless, not even changing much?

    God dammit, i hope the Cowboy Bebop movie doesn’t suck this bad, atleast Keanu reeves has SOME bit of Spike’s style.

    • I’m sorry but keanu reaves has two styles of acting, awesome, and tries to hard. Awesome is what he brought to holywood to get in, ie bill and ted’s excellent adventure. Then in all his other rolls he has been tries to hard. Keanu reeves last successful movie, that is considered good was the matrix, he has not made any other “good” movies let alone acted well in any of the movies since the matrix. just look at his new flop, that has once again marred american cinema. The orginal adaptation that resulted in the day the earth stood still was amazing for its time yet this movie just seem underwhelming. Again we need fresh actors with fresh faces, franchise actors should go the way of the dodo imo.

  • You know exactly what movie it looks like? Mortal Kombat. The action sequences feel exactly the same as to what was in that movie. The difference being that the MK movie was fun and it stuck to the franchise. Dragonball: Evolution looks to butcher everything the anime is. It makes me very frightened for the Akira film if that ever gets off the ground.

  • lol these people who said dragonball sucked… sigh, i was 9 when they started showing dragonball, it is far superior to dbz. A 10 year old even knows that charging up a super move for 5 episodes is only cool the first time you see it. This is clearly a negative, hollywood knows how to make great movies, like “there will be blood” but this is just stupid, an orginal story that pretty much butchers american anime in one blow. Atleast for me and my generation, those that grew up on pokemon, reboot, beast wars, and what not, there is a fond memeory for dragonball, and come to think of it, that was when anime first really became a childrens, mainstream content. This movie will set anime back in the states atleast 50 years. So get ready to download subs and import them dvds because after this movie, a lot of studios will look at anime with stigma of this stinking pile of shit.

    P.S. I loved chow yung fat it Doushen or gambling king, hes a good chinese actor but man to stick ur name on this turd. what a shame.

  • Negative, but I’m still thinking it could be alright for a non-otaku. I just don’t really like Dragonball to begin with, so by extension, not gonna like the movie.

    I did like this quote though: “I think (movie adaptations) of Japanese anime should be left to Japan.”

    Which is why live action Higurashi totally wasn’t retarded, amirite.

    • Kinny Riddle says:

      To that guy:

      Dude, EVERYBODY (you know who I specifically mean in the context of readership this blog) knows about Comiket. lol

      I mean, did he not see the occasional Gaijin cosplayer from time to time these days?

  • You know what? I might actually enjoy this movie. Coz I really hardly a fan of dragonball though I watched the whole torturing, dragging, boring anime and complete reading the manga.

    I decided to forget about dragonball (original) and keep myself open for what to get from this Movie. I believe I would be able to enjoy it seeing how the action stunts quite like Mortal Combat. Since is from Hollywood, I would be expecting good stuffs.

    I think only the fans of dragonball will view this movie negatively. If I see Oh! My Goddess or any of my favorite anime turn into Movie, I believe I would be 80% against it as well unless they really able to make it well which i doubt so.

  • This will be the most hilarious movie all year, if not just for the fact that it’s done so poorly. It’s rare that a movie adaptation of will be done well, except perhaps those from the news, but those that aren’t done well are funny because they are so broken. Most people who have seen Dragonball will likely pirate this movie before going to a movie theater or buying it on DVD because it just looks like that bad a movie, no one who is a fan would pay for it, though some people may see high pirating rates as a bonus points, and think they did a good job. Either way it’s easy to foresee that this movie is a bad end, perhaps it’ll force another Dragonball series to be produced, somehow (unless I’m misinformed and they are making another series).

  • I liked Dragonball as a kid.

    I gotta say, I’m going to wait until I actually see it to make my judgments, for several reasons. Also, I think that any sweeping generalizations of Hollywood can be applied to the anime industry to at least some level. Will the Dragonball movie suck? Well, the series itself kind of sucked, but I still enjoyed it. Maybe it’ll be a different kind of suck. Maybe not.

    • well yeah they did that for x men and spiderman movies
      made there own version of the story based on the comic
      but the bad thing was that they killed off really good chracters and made the jaggernuat a mutant

      but goku never went to high school
      and the reason he was so stronge was cuz he trained his whole to be stronge he never went to school
      i guess there gonna play the saiyan card to explain why hes so natrually stronge in the next movie
      i think they fell short on the story they shoulved
      put more emphasis on the facts based on the manga so they can clear the path to make an original story out of it that can work.
      Now it looks like a farce ill still watch it tho
      im gonna BOO so loud when the movie ends

    • Sure, if you can detach yourself and enjoy it, I congratulate you. But nonetheless, I feel its an insult to the original series, which was really awesome. It would be nice to see a faithful and good adaptation, not one that needs to be cut off from its root to seem half-decent.

    • I voted positive, but I can see both of your points. This movie could be interesting as its own story. I just think they should have adapted a new branch since the story seems original, besides the use of DB. New characters would have made more sense. Either that’s a guy with a similar name of Goku, or They just couldn’t resist to destroy the character’s personality. I believe making live actions can be good. In DB’s case, they should have created a story around the series. This is probably the hardest live action to make, since the story is so large and the effects are hard. The only live action I have seen worthy in my opinion is the Death Note film.

      • I would see the best anime to film movie if its counts it Transformer they made it right on that movie. i love it. my thoughts on DB: EVo is same as any other fans. They shouldn’t have mess around with Gukus personality. and for the people who complain about his nationality, well any fan can answer that, but what got me the most is that the character is similar only by name. there personality is out of whack, there not in the right place Roshi suppose to be in a tiny island somwhere and i don’t know where the hell his he in this movie, but it looks like its not on an island. hes suppose to wear sunglasses got a turtle back, old and skinny, white stash and most of all perverted old man. (the Kill bill master would have fit well or grandpa Gohan on that movie.)they just ruined that personality. I got to admit when roshi is serious his scary just like the first Captain of Bleach. (which i think its ode cameo of Rosh, but its just me)I most disappointed of gukus character, not about his nationality, but the ruined his innocent, happy go lucky personality to an emo. Guku was not annoying like other anime character or “i cant do this” character he was positive when growing up watching Dragon ball you have Guku as a hero he never gives up he keep fighting even it imposible. When i heard the line “I’m not Read for this.” i just WTF thats not Guku.
        I don’t where its set, but the setting of the anime thought its unclear it has Chinese influence you can see by the terrain by the intro of DBZ. This isn’t a bad movie by any means if its just another action movie, but the fact that the named it Dragon Ball is the Pandora’s box for fans. I just don’t understan why adaptation of anime/game/or any other change. I like Max Payne movie, but that’s because i never played the game, I love Transformer, and that’s because i never fallowed the storyline. Hitman was good with the same reason AppleSeed is another goo example of adaptation change and it was done by japanse though I love cuz i haven’t read the manga. But on Dragon Ball i just cant help it, but be disappointed.

    • I’m very similar in my stance, however I have the added bonus of having never been into or even seeing the original series. I think it will be a decent movie in its own right, as long as it can be detached from the original in the minds of those who view it.

      Frankly, whether it followed the original closely or not, even Japan wouldn’t be able to make a live-action movie that could satisfy fans. They’re that adamant about what they love in the original.

      Any remake or adaptation will NEVER be good enough for them.

      • That’s right, what most people like at first is to complain like hell unless it is the same frame by frame animated series remastered with 7.1 audio.

        Then, when people gets to see the movie most of them get settled with an “ok”, a few others hate it even more, while some others like it.

        Here most people will hate it since it’s a cult anime even though the characters nor story were any deep to start with imo ^^”.