Lucky Star Cosplay Café Opens in Washinomiya


Washinomiya, a site held sacred for being the real-life location of the Lucky Star‘s Hiiragi twins family temple, has seen the official opening of a Lucky Star themed cosplay cafe.

Washinomiya has seen its small economy boom due to its relation with Lucky Star, and has become a sort of Mecca for otaku pilgrims to celebrate and honor the show’s moe cast of female high school students, but previous Lucky Star themed businesses were more along the lines of trinket shops – this is the first Akiba-style cafe to open there.

The らきかふぇ / LuckyCafé is situated only 3 minutes away from the Washinomiya shrine; more details are available at the official website, but as things still seem to be in the process of being set up the site is still fairly incomplete, unfortunately lacking a substantial number of photos of the main attraction – girls dressed up Lucky Star characters.

They are apparently still on the look out for more female employees – specifically 10 women between the ages of 1st year high school grade and 29 years old, but already have 5 cosplay girls ready for service, identified only by such amusing stage names such as “Ichigo” (Strawberry), “Soba” (as in Soba noodles), and even “Moe”.


Lucky Star pilgrims celebrating the Hajisai festival at Washinomiya last September with a Lucky Star themed mikoshi (mikoshi are believed to serve as vehicle for the gods during a parade of deities.) See more of the festival here.

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