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Original Touhou Disc Fetches $6,500


A recently concluded auction sees a PC98 compilation disc including the five original Touhou games fetching an impressive ¥651,000. Needless to say, it is long out of print.


As you can see, the art is the usual ZUN quality. The disc is in good, though not perfect, condition.

The included titles, each effectively coming to over $1,000 each:

  • 東方靈異伝  (Touhou Rei-iden) 〜 Highly Responsive to Prayers
  • 東方封魔録 (Touhou Fuumaroku) ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland
  • 東方夢時空 (Touhou Yume Jikuu) 〜 Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
  • 東方幻想郷 (Touhou Gensoukyou) 〜 Lotus Land Story
  • 東方怪綺談 (Touhou Kaikidan) 〜 Mystic Square

This must rank as one of the most expensive CD-Rs ever distributed.

In fact, considering the propensity of even high quality writable optical media to rot after only a few years, we might wonder at the wisdom in purchasing such an item.

At least it is a relatively stable TDK CD-R; with DVD-Rs this would likely be a gamble…

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