No-Pantsu Witches Uncensored Preview


Tantalizing glimpses of the uncensored DVD version of the famous no-pan episode (7) of Strike Witches have become available, showing us what we might reasonably expect to see when the long-awaited DVD Vol.4 release becomes available later this month.

Also, a surprising amount of touch-up work has been done to the episode and that at least can be appreciated without the frustrating censor logos…


This version of the episode, streamed on Newtype-Channel is basically the uncut DVD version, with the censorship later added by Newtype.

The dozens of logos obscure much, but what is evident is that the mysterious light and weather effects will not be present for the more risqué shots. The low-angle shots of Eila and Lucchini look especially promising.


There’s also a sizable amount of touch-up work that has been done on the DVD version for episode 8, which admittedly was one of the more poorly animated episodes of Strike Witches.

The original TV broadcast version is viewable on the right, with the Newtype broadcast on the left.


Same as above, but now with the TV version on the left, Newtype broadcast on the right. It’s certainly a rather huge improvement…

For those interested in high-quality Strike Witches ero, you might like to know that a generous reader, Timeyy, has provided a link to his typesetted scanlation based off my translation of the doujinshi Milkie Strike, available here.

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