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Koihime Musou Ero Dakimakura Proliferate


With the OVA due in April, and the recent release of the powered up version of the eroge itself, to say nothing of the ecchi-DVD versions, well developed three kingdoms eroge franchise Koihime Musou also accumulates a wide selection of goods; here we see some of the rather tasteful dakimakura covers on offer.

Kanu, above, is already released but has proven so popular as to require a reprint; she will be available again in January for ¥8,500 or so.

Strangely, the new covers are relatively restrained by any measure:


Bachou (Sui), available late January, for ¥8,500.


Chouun (Sei), also available late January for ¥8,500.

All sure to be of interest to those besotted with these female generals…

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