Haruka Tomatsu, Voice of Nagi and Lala


Up and coming seiyuu 戸松遥 / Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi of Kannagi, Lala of To-Love Ru) is still not as visually recognizable as some seiyuu such as Aya Hirano or Rie Tanaka, but she certainly seems to carry enough 3D appeal to become one of the idol seiyuu that have recently become more prominent in the otaku world.

Besides her roles as the voice of Nagi and Lala, other roles she has played include EmuEmu of Kemeko Deluxe, Chika Midarezaki of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, and Mileina of Gundam 00: Second Season.

Having only begun working as a seiyuu in 2007, her list of past roles isn’t particularly large, but is certain to grow given the leading roles she has taken on in 2008 such as Lala, and of course Nagi-sama.

Tomatsu is also an impressive singer – she sings both the OP and ED for Kannagi:

Player 1

[PV] motto☆派手にね!/ Motto hade ni ne! – Kannagi OP (YouTube)

Player 2

[PV] 産巣日の時 / Musuhi no Toki – Kannagi ED (Nico)

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