Good Smile Comiket 75 Booth Preview


Good Smile Company, famously known for their Nendoroid and Figma figures, have released the line-up of what their Comiket 75 booth will contain.

GSC is far from the only otaku-related company to have a Comiket booth and Comiket-exclusive merchandise, but Mika-tan (a GSC employee) has provided a good amount of photos of said goods on her personal blog…

Nendoroid Plus Cosplay Comiket Konata



Undoubtedly the major attraction, this adorable Konata mini-figure will be a Comiket 75 exclusive.

The red banner translates as “New Releases on Sale”, and the pink text on her shirt reads “Moe”, appropriately enough for Kona-chan.

Hachune Keychains, “Do” and “Re” versions



These cute keychain straps of  “Hachune” Miku are not C75 exclusives, having already gone on sale before C75. The “Do” version is the one with the pink packaging, the “Re” is the blue one.

These are quite versatile – aside from doubling as cellphone-straps and bracelets, they can also serve as stylish megane accessories, as a GSC employee shows us below:


Vocaloid Kaito Towel/Scarf



This scarf, modeled on the one worn by Miku’s brother Kaito, first appeared during the previous Comiket.

Another helpful GSC employee displays the cosplay potential of the scarf below:


These goods are not easily available through normal sale channels, being intended for distribution at events such as the Comiket.

International customers interested in the C75-exclusive Konata keychain are advised to purchase a plane ticket to Japan and to set up camp near the Tokyo Big Sight quickly, as Comiket 75 is only 8 days away.

See more at Mika-tan’s blog, or the GSC website.

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