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Yuri Witches Sanya vs Eila Ero-Sheets


Gonzo wisely stakes its future on Sanya, if the flurry of Sanya related merchandise coming out of late is anything to go by.

This time the result is some ecchi sheets, below, which with a ¥9,500 price tag will go some way to rescuing Gonzo. “Gonzo Style” might soon in fact have to be renamed “Sanya Style”…


These sheets are, however, strictly a limited run, so anyone determined to get them will need a proxy by the looks of things, or else the willingness to camp out at C75 where they will also go on sale.

Their copy is amusingly ronery, and perhaps carries a note of desperation:

“I want to insert myself between this girl and that girl, and spend a dream night like that…” You’ve never had such thoughts?

For you that has!

Slip yourself in between Eila and Sanya, snugly abreast like the three strokes of the character 川 (river), with the sheets of your dreams!

A bedtime image of Sanya and Eila is drawn for you!!

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