Conductor Kidnaps Schoolgirl, Steals Pantsu at Knifepoint


A train conductor who kidnapped a schoolgirl from a station at knifepoint, and then took her to the station toilets with the intent of robbing and having his way with her has been arrested; it seems he only got as far as stealing her underwear before rescuers arrived.

The man was reported going into a public toilet just outside the station with the girl, and police and station employees immediately headed to the scene.

After reaching the scene and banging on the stall door, a train conductor (26) emerged, excusing himself “It’s just a squabble. Nothing at all.”

However, in the stall was a sobbing third year high school student (18).

The conductor was seized on the spot, and a search of his rucksack revealed an 18cm long kitchen knife, as well as the bra and pantsu of the schoolgirl.

He was immediately arrested for violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law (which allows a blade of only a few cm). Other charges will obviously follow.

The conductor’s explanation is legend: “I owe several million yen and I to repay I was looking for someone to mug. When I was looking, I came across a girl who caught my fancy, so I thought I’d have my way with her and take her money too.”

It seems he was apprehended before completing his plans.

The man is said to have sunk into debt trying to care for his unemployed father, and to have acted out of desperation, though why this need for money also extended to violating schoolgirls and stealing their underwear is not clear.

The same area (JR lines in Shiga prefecture in Kinki) has previously experienced incidents of serial raep and even murder mugging, all in toilets at stations or on trains. JR reports that it will attempt to combat this by installing emergency alarms at the stations.

Via ZakZak.

Clearly, this man had interests which extended beyond mere debt repayment; whatever the case, (relatively speaking) Japan’s trains are dangerous enough without the actual station employees getting in on the action also.

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