Top Actress Ok So-ri Gets Jail Term for Adultery


Famed Korean actress 옥소리 / Ok So-ri has been convicted of the crime of adultery, in a medieval parody of modern justice.

She was found to have had sex with a man other than her husband, and for this has been given an 8 month prison sentence, with the courts expressing “leniency” in light of the fact her marriage was previously strained.

An 18 month term, close to the maximum sentence of two years, was sought by her vengeful husband. Her partner in the adulterous liaison has also been handed a prison term.

Ok So-ri (39), a Korean star of no small repute, was said to have met her male friend (38) on three occasions in 2006, and this was discovered by her husband, also a celebrity. She apparently blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage.

The incensed cuckold instigated the prosecution of the pair, as well as initiated divorce proceedings against his unfaithful wife.

The case soon became a media sensation in Korea, with the husband demanding no less than an 18 month prison sentence for his wife, but the courts considered that there were “extenuating circumstances”:

“At that time, the relationship of trust between husband and wife was already broken, and the husband bears no small responsibility considering his reckless spending and late homecomings.”

The adulteress received an 8 month prison sentence, and her partner a 6 month sentence, both suspended for 2 years, meaning they may be able to avoid actual imprisonment.

She had previously challenged the constitutionality of the 1953 anti-adultery laws, but the Korean courts rejected her appeal, holding that “society would be harmed” by any loosening of the laws.

Custody over the couple’s 8-year-old daughter has been awarded to the father.


Via Sankei.

Whilst it may be a leading nation in Internet connectivity and dog cuisine, in certain respects Korea clearly remains rather backward.



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  • Actually, this sounds great to me, unless South Korea doesn’t allow divorce?

    Marriage is basically a contract, right? Both parties agree to enter into it willfully, and agree to adhere to the terms set out in it. It’s very very simple to keep those terms. You might say it’s a matter of basic civility.

    So if she wanted to cheat with this guy, she should have filed for divorce, and at least STARTED proceedings before switching guys. To do otherwise is like attacking without declaring war.

    Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like common sense. If I cheat on someone while married, please give me the same sentence. The thing about marriage is… it’s an obligation not to have extramarital affairs. If people are going to cheat anyway, marriage means nothing.

  • “Whilst it may be a leading nation in Internet connectivity and dog cuisine, in certain respects Korea clearly remains rather backward.”

    I find this comment pretty laughable, it derides values other than its own as backwards. That aside this isn’t about religion or culture or anything other than the fact that the law existed and it appears not to have been some obscure unknown fact. She got what she deserved because she knew the law and chose to break it, all actions have consequences fair or unfair. It is the equivilant of sticking your hand in a fire and then complaining you got burnt, far as I am concerned 1st you’re an idiot for doing it and second maybe the burn will teach you a lesson you so obviously need. If you dislike the law instead of breaking it work within the system to change it.

  • Frankly speaking, i feel so sorry for her. But given her situation a marriage life without sex and love is a terrible one, i have met other guys outside marriage as well so i guess it all depends on how each person views it. Not sure if Singapore has such harsh rules but of course i am not encouraging such incidents.

  • “Chosunator” asked me nicely to remove his IP from the thread whilst offering an account which at least showed some coherent writing ability.

    I trust these proceedings are closed and we can return to arguing about Aya Hirano’s tremendous girth…

  • Wow it’s really samefag in here. This comment page needs a lot less imo

    Anyway, completely disregarding how one feels about adultery, it’s not something that should be illegal.

    Can you get a divorce in S.Korea without a really good reason to (aka, love is gone, etc)? If so, she should have done that before banging another guy.

    The husband pressing charges in the matter makes him come off as quite the douche. “BAWWWWWWWW MY WIFE CHEATED ON ME, I’M GOING TO GET HER PUT IN PRISON AS PAYBACK!”. Real honourable.

    • Well, it’s better than go berserk and kill them both. I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing to have those laws, but it certainly keeps the violence levels low.

      After seeing cruelty to animals in their protests, I think this kind of law is the only thing stopping them from degenerating into a “stone the whore” culture.

  • And the useless husband gets the daughter. I imagine he’ll treat her like shit, as a punitive measure against his ex-wife. Ive seen these kinds of guys before, all macho, acting like they own the world, when they’re just compensating for being shit.

  • Adultery hurts the children in the marriage the most. For those of you who have two parents, how would you feel if your mom or dad decided to cheat on the other? Serves as a great model for how your own marriage may be, won’t it? I applaud countries which still encourage strong marriages. Weaken marriage and you get the boastful 45% divorce rate we have in America.

    • Sorry, but this is a really stupid opinion. It’s like windward says, forcing a couple that ended up almost hating each other (yes this happens) to stay together will only result in tragedy sooner or later, in no way does it help the children. I’m actually speaking out of experience.

      It’s safe to say that in the great majority of divorces cheating does play a role, and usually at least one of the partners doesn’t realize how bad their relationship is until this happens. It’s all pretty natural, and every law, secular and religious alike, that tries to regulate this part of human nature won’t improve society in any way. “Encouraging strong marriages” cannot be done by law.

  • I realize you westerners pride yourselves on freedom and lack of personal responsibility but Adultery is hurtful to the family and very dishonourable. There is a REASON it carries a social stigma the world over and though the government should not have their foot in it none of you can say you would not be devestated by your spouse cheating on you or disgusted by your mother cheating on your husband.

  • Adultery is one of those few things that is completely immoral but not something the government should be regulating.

    I am a firm believer in monogamy but also that the government should stay out of my pants.

  • It’s all fine and good to talk about Christians/Muslims and saying they’re backwards but at the end of the day there’s good reasons why “open” marriages aren’t all that safe. The possibility of introducing diseases like herpes or AIDS into the marriage via other partners is bad enough, but if the activity is going on without the knowledge of the faithful partner then there is no chance for protection. Just look at Africa and the spread of AIDs for an example of what can happen.

  • I resent the dog part. that only happens in far away rural areas… but i do agree they need to change some of the laws, they are kind of conservative in several areas when it comes to morality…

  • ITT moral relativists have a big circle jerk about how ‘progressive’ they are. A case of collective cultural narcissism that the only truly way a civilization can be ‘forward thinking’ is if there are no moral boundaries whatsoever.

    Oh, and the obligatory ‘Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the WOMEN!’ posters. But those sycophants are to be expected.

      • Moral relativism > Cultural relativism.
        It’s not ignoring a culture of people, it’s disagreeing with a part of culture. You can say the very same thing about President Bush in the United States and anti-gay laws.

        If some British guy starts bashing lack of gay rights in the US, I’ll be like “yeah I agree with you, that really sucks”. Not, OMG THIS IS OUR CULTURE.

        I have my own values. And every culture and country has it’s flaws and good things. Even supposed “omg Perfect Paradise Japan”, or Korea, or even my own country, the United States of America. Stop treating countries like they can do no wrong you Asiaphile.

        • Mice breed with their siblings.

          Adultery is only justified when there is sound justification. If it the other legal partner fails to fulfill the needs of the other partner, then adultery is justified. It is only unjustified when the other partner has fulfilled his or her needs but still seeks more.

          At least, that’s what I believe.

        • ‘Free love’

          Would you like me to give examples of how messed up the hippie communes that actually operated on this principle in the 1960s were?

          Stupid woman. Probably a whore too aren’t you?

          Monogamy is the natural order of society. It is a universal human trait. Observed in all cultures, even those that have never had any contact with Christians.

          Isolated tribes in the Amazon and Papua New Guinea are monogamous. Chinese are monogamous. Buddhists, Hindus, pagans, shinto etc. all monogamous.

          Many mammal species are monogamous. Even some bird species are monogamous such as penguins. It’s biologically imprinted into us. And contrary to popular myth, males are even more faithful and monogamous than females. 65% of all marital infidelity is committed by the female. That’s biological too. Once she has a mate to care for her young, it no longer matters to the female where she gets her sperm from. But it does matter to the male, so it’s in his interest to remain monogamous and care for his own offspring and make sure his mate remains faithful.

          You have no self-control maybe, but others do.

        • Yes, adultery should be a right. It may not be very nice to the partner, but this is between partners to work out socially not law. The only place law should come into it is if partners want to divorce.

          I’m also pro-polygamy. This serial monogamy and adultery thing is shit. I think so much adultery and cheating wouldn’t happen if people could actually be with more than one person normally. Seriously, telling people to stay together for life and only them two or divorce is just begging for people to look for something on the side and and commit “adultery”.

          Adultery, Bigamy, Free Love. No problems here.

      • Anonymous says:

        -religion is outdated.
        -most muslims i know live strictly based on their religions.
        -it’s very hard to reason with religious people. if you could reason with them, there would be no religious people.
        -since it is hard to reason with them (especially muslims), jockwell proposes to eliminate them.
        -the only problem here is, after you eliminate them, the next guys on the list would be christians. Jockwell is a christian.
        -that is why i stopped being a christian. that way, i could avoid dying if someone decides to massacre religious people or members of religious sects. that and i stopped believing in gods, jesus, imaginary friends, and fairy tales a long time ago.

        • Anonymous says:

          funny that so many Christians, and just some people in general, wish for the death of all muslims because they think their religion is telling them to kill all of THEM. You’re just becoming exactly the same as the thing you’re saying to hate! lol

          It’s funny that so many hate/fear the religious zealots on the other side of the world when we have a bunch of equally crazy nuts in our own backyards, just with less power… at the moment at least.

        • I’m Buddhist (which is basically atheistic in nature, therefore I do not involve myself in this pointless religious bickering), I live In Malaysia, which happens to be an Islamic Country, with no bombings, and Hindus, Muslims, Christans and Buddhist live so closely together. And all of the Muslims that I know basically hate war and love peace, and only follow the good interpretations of the Koran, and are fascinated by Christians. The bombers in 9/11 were DEVIANTS.

          Its idiotic obsessed Christians like Jockell that had caused me to have a profound stigma against Christianity, a religion that once I admired and loved.

          Go ahead and follow the book. Thousands of years of misprinting and misinterpretation. The Bible was once in Hebrew, and was sadly mistranslated into English. The Ten Commandments was actually the Ten Commitments. Big difference.

          I have also seen other religious people following their Bible/Koran/Book so closely that they seem to fall short on reality.

          I do not judge a person by their religion. I judge a person by their personality. A person with a foul personality but a strong religious belief is still a foul person.

          Tell me now, Jockell. Have you ever met a Muslim? Have you ever met many Muslims? Have you ever met any Muslims from my country? have you even read the Koran? If you haven’t and yet you claim them to be animals, then it’s sad to say that you do not deserve to be Christian yourself, for I do not recognise you as one, who is supposed to be full of love, joy, and forgiveness, and with sanity.

          Oh, and by the way, I’m Chinese. So is Danny Choo. So is Artefact too I believe. So is the Prime Minister of Australia. Do you want us dead? Learn to watch your words before making such remarks. You may very well understand that the pen is mightier than the sword; swing it the wrong way and you’ll stabbed by a thousand more pens. Your egoistic and indifference is a flaw, not a strong advantage. It’s not our fault your words are easily misinterpreted.

        • Several of the anons here are dsl254-122-*, and nice try on the “sometimes it screws up line”.

          The whole “leaving the ministry” interchange is one person ( talking to himself.

          You need several IPs from across the world to do this convincingly 216.254.122.*, “Chosunator”.

        • The bible was written by ~~~~MAN~~~~. End of story. It’s inherently flawed. Anyone that translates it either literally or metaphorically is wrong. There is no -one- correct translation or interpretation. Deal with it. Stop arguing about it and let Jockell believe what he/she wants. The beauty of…freedom?

        • It isn’t an interpretation really, if you know the Bible it really says so in all translations. This is what is taught in Swedish schools in Religion history, which in the first course you study Jews, Christians and Muslims. They are called the Abrahamitian religions, which might be correct in history but while jews and christians accept each other (at least christians), we do not accept muslims.

          The only thing that might differ in different translations is if Rachel was a slave or a servant and the ages of Ismael and Isaac (very debated, at least by muslims).
          Newer translations of the Bible often go a little softer with things like these, but worth mentioning is also that many newer translations actually doesn’t have christians but rather non-believers translating them. Which is very wrong, because then they make it to fit society rather than writing things which might offend non-christian people.

          And I admit that what I say might be rather harsh, but that is just because of my very egoistic and indifferent personality.
          In the end, it is all up to God.
          And christiany is the only sane religion really, because it is all a matter of belief. You do not need anything else than belief. Of course you should not sin, but it is forgiven by christ on the cross and in the end all you need is belief and the wish to not sin (even if it is inevitable in some cases).

          Yikes, quite hard writing long texts with a bit too much wine in the body. Should not drink an entire flask while watching anime. >_<

        • Afaik, christianity belief in sin isnt the action itself but the thought.
          You want to indiscriminately kill of a couple of million human beings, and yes, they are human beings no matter their belief.

          Guess what, you’re not a christian, you are a man/woman/thing that wants attention so you go and post some random shit about muslims as a comment on Korean’s and their backway laws (wich actually exist to some extent in US too, just not as extreme)

          //Anon, of the belief that God is a pink invisible unicorn, with three eyes

        • Leaving the ministry was a very hard decision for me. Even more so due to the fact that my family came from a long line of pastors. Believe me, I wrestled so much with the guilt that I was abandoning the church to the growing ranks of those filled with hate. But ultimately, I had to accept that the actual worldly institution of the church does not matter. As long as there are people who follow the message of love, mercy, and universal brotherhood, the true spirit of the church will live on in their lives.

          I might have just been trying to rationalize my decision to leave, but I found Revelations 21:22-23 to be relevant to my situation:
          “I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.”

        • “It’s because of people like Jockell that I left the ministry.”

          It’s too bad you (and the majority of Christians who think like you) left the ministry- it means the only people left are people like Jockell. This means that Christianity will be lead by angry, stupid, and ultimately pitiful creatures: instead of following Jesus’s words of peace, they would rather nuke people God CHOSE to make into a nation, meaning they think they know better than Jesus Himself. A sad end to a meaningful religion.

        • No, I am not ignorant. I am just indifferent. If there are people that I hate, I would rather have them dead. Simple as that. I hate the Russians too, and communists like the chinese.

          And Artefact…LOL. I won’t go for it too much since you run this great site, but if you know your religion history you would know how the islamic people came to be. Remember Abraham (the muslims call him Ibrahim)? His wife couldn’t get pregnant and he was allowed to make a child with one of his slaves, Rachel, which he did. But then God let his wife become pregnant even though she was too old. And because Rachel and her child, Ismael, were not happy with a real heir, Isaac, replacing Ismael they got sent away after treating Isaac ill.
          And just when Rachel were about to kill herself and Ismael because they were pretty much dying in the desert, God stopped her and told her that Ismael would be the father of a people larger than the amount of stars in the sky and also that they would be more animal than man, refering to a donkey.
          And what people is that? You guess… (the muslims approve of this too, so nothing to argue about)

          I don’t care what your belief is but this is a fact that it says so in the Bible. Doesn’t it fit quite well with how they behave? They all act like animals, got no self-restraint, has the stubborness of a donkey and seem to completly lack the IQ of an intelligent human being.

          A few well-aimed nuclear bombs in the middle-east and Africa and we are on our way to my ideal world. Lolz.

        • “I am a christian and I want to see the painful death of every muslim on this planet.”

          Wow, what a great statement. You just gotta love those religion guys.

          Perhaps you should re-read the collected works of your boss sometimes, he has made some statements about “love” and “enemies” there.

        • I am a christian and I want to see the painful death of every muslim on this planet.

          So no, don’t mention us in the same sentence. Jews and christians don’t want to know of the muslims as an abrahamit religion and in the bible it says that muslims are more animal than man, with a donkey as example.
          Not to mention that the historic national poet Dante places Muhammed in the 8th circle of Hell in his famous work Divina Commedia.

  • South Korea didn’t really become a true democracy until the late 1980s. The early postwar S. Korean administrations were technically democratic, but in reality little more than dictatorships. They’ve made great advances since them, but there are still all sorts of backwards stuff still deeply entrenched. Which is one reason why contemporary S. Korean mass political demonstrations still tend to be quite violent and spirited, like Japanese political demonstrations twenty or thirty years ago.