Loli Bishoujo Muscle Cosplay AV Due


Those with a taste for mania are sure to be entranced by the latest in multi-fetish AV we are presented with: “Kinniku Bishoujo Choko-tan” (Muscle Girl Choko-tan) offers something for everyone, assuming your tastes include cosplay (of the dread kigurumi variety), muscular girls (Choko-tan has an impressive physique), and “a loli anime voice”.

It’s not clear just how many people actually possess this combination of tastes…


“She may have a macho hard body, but she also has a real loli anime voice!!”

This presumably means plenty of the piercing squealing which makes JAV so grating on the ears will feature. Sure to delight some.

Maid, sailor fuku and construction worker garb are promised in addition to a standard posing bikini. Something for everyone.

Judging from the poor Photoshop work on the cover, muscular cosplay girls are as unusual a theme to the producers as they are to the audience.

The AV, running for 110 minutes, is due for release January 13th, so you needn’t wait too long to get a glimpse of Choko-tan’s debut.

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