Idol Master’s Haruka Amami Tribute – [Project.VA]


This glorious tribute series to Idol Master’s Haruka Amami stretches out over 3 videos, displaying some truly professional-level video editing skill.

These easily rank as the best Idol Master MADs I have seen yet, and for that matter as some of the best anime/game related MADs to come out in recent memory, period. An absolute must-see for fans of Idol Master.

Project.VA -prologue-

Player 1


The short prologue, set to Beatmania’s Shonen A.

Project.VA -hArukA-

Player 2


The second video in the series.

Project.VA -V-Project.VA-

Player 3


The third and so far final video in the series.

The creator, deadblue238’s blog.

Reminiscent of the excellent Super Music Maker and Sentaku PV we saw previously…


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