Gundam 00 TV Ratings Soar, Trounces Code Geass R2


Recent TV ratings for Gundam 00: Second Season have been on the upswing, with the latest episode (11) reaching a surprising 6.3%.

Below, the ratings for the first eleven episodes are shown, along with a comparison to the equivalent episodes of Sunrise’ previous show, Code Geass R2, which was already known for having rather dismal ratings for its timeslot.

It is not surprising that the long-running Gundam franchise would prove to have higher ratings, but the pronounced size of the difference between both shows’ viewership is somewhat surprising.

These numbers are for the Kantou region, which includes Tokyo:



Episode 01



Episode 02



Episode 03



Episode 04



Episode 05



Episode 06



Episode 07



Episode 08



Episode 09



Episode 10



Episode 11



Code Geass R2’s Total Average: 2.40%

Gundam 00 S2’s Total Average: 4.47%

The reason for the sudden spike in viewership for episode 11 of Gundam 00 is unclear, but what is certain is that Sunrise’s famous Gundam series is and will continue to remain the studio’s main breadwinner for the forseeable future, rather than new original series such as Code Geass.

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    • Yes, we can’t be having dissenting opinions, after all. Everyone either likes Geass, or they’re a moron. Oh, and a loser too, apparently.

      Everyone bitching about Geass is doing it because R1 was pretty good, at the very least entertaining to watch every Sunday. Code Geass is one of the only shows I actually watched live on Japanese TV despite barely knowing any Japanese, it was that entertaining for me. R2 utterly ruined it, and most of us just watched every week either with the blind hope Taniguchi would stop fucking trolling the entire fandom, or just watched because, like a train wreck, it was impossible to look away.

  • You did neglect to mention that Code Geass’s DVDs are selling almost twice as many copies as Gundam 00’s DVDs…

    Anyway, new/old shows have nothing to do with ratings. Fullmetal Alchemist was a new show that aired in the same timeslot as Gundam Seed and still got the same high ratings. While Gundam Seed Destiny slumped in ratings and Gundam 00 slumped even more.

    Add the fact that the Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs are the best selling TV anime in history and you have a clusterfck of stats. Best not to look at any of it seriously.

  • Gundam has been here for a long time , of course the rating is higher than CG which is a new series …. You wanna compared CG with Gundam 00? Here you go

    This is the info taken from MyAnimeList.Well somekind of worldwide statistic by their member.
    Code Geass ranking = 7/32,023 members
    Code Geass R2 ranking = 3/23,607 members
    Gundam 00 ranking = 75/11,706

  • Let’s see Gundam ratings compared to other top shows airing in Japan right now.
    Code Geass was a great series but it can never compare the insanely, overly blown up, franchise that Gundam is.
    Not saying anything bad about either series but seriously, compare Gundam to something else on an equal level.

  • Someone forgot to mention that it’s like, common sense that R2 ratings blew.


    Nice Nena picture though, visiting sankaku still pays off for shit like that.

    • Yes, the percentage numbers indicate the percentage of all television viewers in the Kantou region watching that show during its timeslot.

      In other words, 4.5% of all television sets in Kantou were tuned in to the first episode of Gundam 00 Second Season.

      For comparision a show like One Piece routinely gets around 9%, and long-running mainstream anime like Sazae-san can get approx. 17-19%.

    • If the ratings work the same as here in Italy (and I have no reason to think otherwise), it’s the percentage of people who watched Gundam 00 out of all people who were watching TV in that timeslot.

  • Gundam 00 is released so near the holidays. Ofcourse more people can watch 00 unlike CG which is on Sunday, the day before school & its also close to trials and finals. I’m pretty much freer now so I can watch 00.

    Besides, I still applaud CG for its magnificent characters & storyline. 00 is a good watch but there wasnt a single character i favoured. Lastly, if fansubs were factored in, CG would outshine 00.

    • The story is comparable to a daytime soap opera with twists upon twists. It’s not bad, though I haven’t finished watching it yet, but does NOT have a “magnificent storyline”. People like it for the same reason as they like Hollywood movies: so bad that it’s fabulous!

    • “I still applaud CG for its magnificent characters & storyline.”

      LOL. Seriously? I enjoyed watching Geass as much as the next guy, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with liking the show, but let’s not start imagining CG as some monument to high literary achievement.

      I’m genuinely sorry if that’s not what you meant, and I come across as some mean spirited blog troll out to ruin the days of otherwise innocuous commentors, but that statement made my day.

      • Lol, I love it when people start talking about Code Geass, because while they believe it sucks, they still felt compelled to watch it to the very end (different from trying to follow a mediocre series). How it greatly affected the viewers, inspired forum wars, turned /a/ into a tsundere, forced haters and admirers alike to come back every week is a magnificent feat in its own right.
        Dee wasn’t comparing Code Geass to Shakespeare, for your information. I bet nobody would have watched it anyway if it had been trying to be a “literary achievement”. But how developed as a character Lelouch is at the end, the impact the supposedly fucked up story, especially the ending, has on its viewers are among lots of things I’ll never try to deny, and make it umpteen times more humanistic than Death Note, which ignorant reviewers keep comparing it to.
        They have also been reported to scream stuff like “OMG plot holes!” / “The story failz.”/ “Lelouch sucks.” / “Lelouch is a bitch.” / “It’s a trainwreck.”… But of course that’s what you get when you try to listen to twelve-year-olds, twelve-year-olds claiming to be thirty, thirty-year-olds who have the functional intellect of a twelve-year-old…

        • You’re right, I wouldn’t call the storyline “magnificent” either, since a lot of R2’s storytelling was ruined due to pacing issues and excess plot twists…but in terms of character development that’s probably being a little too stingy.

          To make a couple of easy cases, a number of other characters were also developed fairly well, not just Lelouch and Suzaku, like say…Milly and even the hated Nina, off the top of my head. Several others weren’t, admittedly, like most of the KoRs and BKs.

        • Well, you might want to note that well-developed characters in fifty episodes amounted only to two: Lelouch and Suzaku.

          Good character development also does not automatically equate “magnificent…storyline”, which Dee DID write.

        • I loved Code Geass as well, but I had to stall and do virtually anything else when it came to the Euphie episodes. She was so sweet and innocent, and when the episode name is “Euphie, Bloodstained”, you know bad things are going to happen. First time that’s ever happened to me in an anime, to be honest, where I couldn’t watch for a while because I didn’t want to know what would happen to a likable character.

        • I must admit. I quite agree. Although I can’t speak for Gundam. I loved Code Geass. I could hardly stop watching it and covered the series in about a week.

          Death Note on the other hand, didn’t quite grab my attention like CG. I still haven’t completed it.

          I also agree that the fact that the first season of Code Geass was aired so late at night contributes to the rating of it. Who wants to watch R2 when they haven’t seen the first season? Also, it was very toned down from the first season with blood and violence, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensly and plan to watch it again!

  • The ratings don’t have much to do with quality, however….GSD reached higher ratings than 00, and great series of the past have had crap ratings.

    It’s no surprise that R2, which was the sequel to a late night show, did poorly compared to 00, whose first season was on prime time and whose second also is on prime time. Not to forget that we are talking about GUNDAM here.

    That is the logical result.

    You could scream “Geass” to a random Japanese crowd and you’d get more people confused than you would if you screamed “Gundam” (they’d “get” what you are talking about, even if they think you are mad for screaming it XD).

  • Mellovicious says:

    ok u guys said that gundam and code geass is shit and crap and everything…..
    if you cant make a better series than they do, i must say that you guys should shut the fuck up and die already…

  • Since R2 sucked, I can see why 00 is smashing it in the ratings. I’m actually enjoying 00, R2 was a chore to watch, and the only reason finished was in the hopes that it’d redeem itself by the end….it didn’t.

    • This is the last time I’ll point it out, but since people don’t get it…someone needs to.

      Sucking =/= Crappy ratings.

      Gundam Seed Destiny sucked. Worse than the worst of R2 even.

      Gundam Seed Destiny DIDN’T have crappy ratings.

      Gundam Seed Destiny had comparable, if not higher, ratings to Gundam 00.

      And that also works the other way around too.

      Is it that hard to understand?

      Sheesh…R2 even had low ratings during pretty good episodes. How do you explain that? You can’t, at least not with that explanation.

      • A couple things we need to get out of the way here:

        1) People ENJOY crap. That’s what they do. That’s why CLANNAD is popular.

        2) These are the same people who have hissy-fits about “Naru-piece, The Bleach Alchemist Basket” gaining more popularity.

        3) $unrise / Bancolding$ is the 20th Century Fox of anime. They’ll blast crap from out of their promotional speakers, and said crap ends up becoming a brand name blockbuster for a decade.

        4) Finally: They’ll screw up their own plans, do something and claim it’s for the fandom, and had a voice actor spat on during their watch (Gundam Seed Destiny). They’ll have some otherwise hot ass rub herself on the table (Code Geass). And they’ll break apart happy couples since “dramatically killing them” is just SO “Yoshiyuki Tomino”. (Every $unrise show since Gundam Seed.)

        My personal opinion from all this?

        I’d say that $unrise/Bancolding$ should join Kyoto Animation (and a few other companies) in the depths of Hell. But there are too many lickers of their boots to let that happen.

        • I suppose you don’t know that the last few episodes of R2 essentially had the highest ratings for its run?

          So the “people stopped watching it” statement of yours is quite ridiculous and wrong.

          Or did the Internet at large stop following, downloading and commenting on the show? C’mon.

          Btw, the first season did no better, to say the least, though of course it was in a different time slot (late night).