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Pantsu Witches Director Releases C75 Ero-Doujinshi


Fans of popular mecha musume series Strike Witches have yet another reason to look forward to the upcoming Comiket 75 – Kazuhiro Takamura, director of the TV series, will be releasing a Lynette Bishop doujinshi at the event.

Undoubtedly this book will become highly sought after, as doujinshi made by official members of a series’ staff tend to have an added amount of authenticity.

The book will be B5-sized, 40 pages long (including the cover) and cost ¥600. It will be released under the name of “Turning Point”, Takamura’s personal circle.

For prospective buyers, the translated date/time information is:

  • December 30 – East Hall  “Se” – Block 06b – Circle Name: Vanishing Point

More details available at Takamura’s website. You may of course be able to obtain it from specialist shops after the event.

If the wait for C75 seems too long, you might also be interested in the superb Luchinni doujinshi “Milkie Strike“, now available with translation in the Channel.

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