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The Ultimate Kanu Unchou Ero-Figure?


Battle vixen Kanu Unchou has already been the model for a unfathomable amount of figures, but this new version from Daiki Kougyo must rank very highly on that long, long list.

Combining surprisingly intricate clothing with the ability to strip practically all of its clothes off, this figure is definitely worth a look from fans of Kanu, Ikkitousen, or ero-figures in general.

Officially titled 一騎当千 関羽雲長 (コミック13巻表紙絵) / Ikki Tousen Kanu Unchou (Comic Vol.13 Cover Picture) Black Ver., this 1/6 PVC figure is produced by Daiki Kougyo and sculpted by 萩井俊士 / Shunji Hagii  and Studio Sara Bunshitsu.

Hagii’s best know past work would probably be an attractive figure of Shining Wind’s Kureha from 2007, viewable at Hobby Search.


This figure reeks of high quality – which is to be expected when you find out its price-bracket.



The face is well-done, although Kanu’s hair style does force a good amount of her hair to be out in front, where the individual “strands” become highly visible in a close-up inspection.


The oppai are obviously one of the focal points of this figure. While not as large as those of some other figures, these certainly count as being mega-oppai and probably will not appeal to fans of a slimmer figure.


Kanu’s cloak is beautifully, simply gorgeous.


Her weapon is also extremely well-done.


The base is a simple faux-wood, and does its simple job as a base well as it doesn’t attract much attention to itself.


The seams for the cast-offable clothes are visible here, but they don’t stand out too much.

Also, there’s a good chance many owners of this figure will never need to worry about any of those seams, as the figure will permanently be shown like so:


Kanu’s near-nude figure is very enticing – you might not even miss the loss of the lovely clothing.




Unfortunately non-censored photos are a bit harder to find. At least these aren’t logos of little Kuma-san.



食い込む (kuikomu) – A Japanese verb meaning “to dig into”, “to eat into.”



There is also a red version counterpart to the black version:


This is definitely a figure of high-caliber, sure to appeal to fans of cast-offable / well proportioned ninja girls.

The price, however, might be troublesome –  ¥15,800 retail.

The figure is planned for a March 2009 release, and  International customers will be glad to know it is easily available for ¥15,010 at Hobby Search.

For those interested in the red version, it should be out sometime this month, available at the same price, also at Hobby Search.

See the rest at Moeyo.

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