Rei Christmas Itasha


This rather eccentrically decorated itasha of Rei Ayanami is not among the most artistic or stylish itasha yet seen, but the feverish enthusiasm that undoubtedly went into its creation certainly makes it worthy of attention, if not outright praise.

This Itasha had already been spotted late last year while it was still in the early stages of Itasha conversion (viewable at Akiba-Blog), but it has since undergone further customizations and is now festooned with images of Evangelion’s beloved Rei Ayanami over most of its surface.



These photos were apparently recently taken in Akihabara on November 30, which at least explains the Santa cosplay the life-size Rei is wearing.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize I own one of those Rei figures – the kneeling one up towards the top left of the photo.




The text in the red circle reads: “Rei-tan is my wife ♥”


I believe the official English translation of the yellow text next to loli Rei is: “Nice to meet you, you old hag.”


Worshipful Otaku.


Here the text is “Puchi Rei”, a reference to the recent Puchi Evangelion (Petit Evangelion) Nintendo DS game and line of figures.

If this rather haphazard method of vehicular beautification is not to your liking,  there are more stylishly decorated examples of itasha available, such as the Macross Ero-van.

Via Akiba Blog

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