Comment on PEACH-PIT Hospitalisation: Rozen Maiden Suspended by SnooSnoo:

Nobody cares about SC and ZL. Needs moar desu.

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  • Top 10 Ways of Looking Cool to Girls:
    I think the actual one goes something like this: 1. Treat her to everything. 2. Have servants carry all her things. 3. Make flashy plays in sports(e.g. drop your wallet full of cash) 4. Buy an apartment for all your underclassmen/juniors. 5. Purchase the entire karaoke branch. 6. Have her gaze at your bank ledger. 7. Store up miscellaneous valuables and suddenly hand it over. 8. Undo the top two buttons made of gold and distribute them. 9. Make sure your hair is well-kempt, preferably by the …

  • Sexy Tokido Saya No Bra Ero-Figure:
    Something about the face seems off. The eyes scare me as well.

  • Weird Weapons Gallery: THIS.. I want one

  • Top 10 Ways of Looking Cute to Guys:
    [Citation Needed]

  • Top 10 Ways of Looking Cute to Guys:
    Marry me ( ´∀`)


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