Comment on PEACH-PIT Hospitalisation: Rozen Maiden Suspended by sankyuu:

Not the first time PEACH-PIT has had this kind of problem…

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  • Night of Lucky Star:
    it’s from the 4-cd set (花詠束-hanataba) put out by Unionest.NET. the song itself (ナイト・オブ・ナイツ) is by beatmario on the first cd, track 8. You can get it off the touhou lossless torrent, and probably other places.

  • Mizugi Kanojo, Bosshi Ero-Anime:
    maybe someday they can make the futa-bu stuff into an anime too…

  • Drive-Thru Doesn’t Work Like That: Conbini Car Crash:
    obviously the convenience store is at fault for being in the path of an asian woman driver

  • Riding Machine Idol:
    sometimes they’re doing server maintenance, and sometimes videos just drop off the net for days for no reason whatsoever and then are accessible again… also, high traffic periods tend to cut off free accounts and these embeds

  • Smooooch・∀・ × VOCALOID:
    there’s also nm5480818, which has the subterranean animism characters


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