New PSP Loli Eroge


Lolicon erogamers are finding their eroge playing needs need not confine them to their homes much longer – lolicon title for the PSP, “Toono no Yakata”, is about to hit store shelves just in time for the Christmas season.

The title’s full name is 遠野の屋形 第一章「契約」 / Toono no Yakata Daiissho [Keiyaku] or to give it a partial translation: Toono no Yakata (Chapter 1) [Contract].

This is far from the first eroge available in the UMD (PSP) format, but as far I know this is the first PSP eroge to be heading into loli territory, as we can see from the following screenshots:




Interestingly, the voice actress for the lead role in the game will be AV performer “Tsubomi”, who might be better known as playing the part of Mikuru Asahina in the Haruhi-parody AV “The Great Intercrural Sex Adventure of Asahina Kurumi



The PSP continues its steps toward becoming a respectable platform for eroge, as this and other recent announcements show.

The game will go on sale December 18, for about ¥2,700. The game is available at, but international customers will need to acquire the game through other means as they will only ship domestically.

Via Akiba Blog.


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