Man Feeds Schoolgirl’s Face to Dog


A man who became besotted with the 13-year-old friend of his daughter resolved to have his way with her, but compounded his vicious crime by murdering her in order to stay her tongue, and then cutting off her face and feeding it to a dog.

The incident began in a Shanxi province village, when the family of a 13-year-old girl reported her missing after she failed to return home from school; police soon launched a search. This did not go well – nobody had seen hide nor hair of the girl, and soon the search was intensified.

Three days after she was reported missing, the girl was found in a ditch, having been dead for two days.

She had been outraged prior to her murder, but what distinguished this case from the multitude of other similar cases which plague China was that her face had been removed.

A team of special investigators was immediately called in, and they soon started squeezing the acquaintances of the girl for clues, finally arriving at the name of the father of a female classmate, who she had apparently gone to play ball with.

This man already had convictions for theft and the violation of a girl, and so proved a prime suspect, also having only got out of prison in 2007.

He soon confessed after being apprehended, revealing that he had taken a fancy to the girl, and then tricked her into leaving the village with him.

After having his way with her, and ignoring her frantic entreaties for mercy, he slit her throat with his dagger, and finished her with a stab to the heart, then going so far as to smash her face with a brick.

Fearing her corpse would soon be identified after he left it in the ditch, he also carved off her face with his knife, and then fed it to a dog.

Police are still investigating, although with Chinese justice being what it is, his execution is likely not far off.

Via Heaven.

Certainly, one of the more extreme cases to come out of China recently. Had he never even heard of fingerprints? To say nothing of DNA or otherwise…

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