Inumimi Tsugumi Figure


Kannagi fans eager to complete the entire three-piece kemono mimi cosplay set from Kotobukiya need not wait much longer – the arrival of the last figure, Tsugumi donning inu mimi and an oversized collar, is imminent.

This charmingly moe 1/7 PVC figure of Tsugumi, made by Kotobukiya, is the final part of a set that includes neko mimi Nagi-sama and bunny girl Zange-chan, which we have previously covered.






The source illustration:



As the ad above tells us, this figure completes the set and will allow Kannagi fans with deep enough pockets to re-create the source illustration.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos yet released of all three figures gathered together, but now we can at least imagine what the completed set would look like.

I still believe the Nagi-sama figure to be the weakest of the three – mostly because of her face but also because of the unsightly texture of her cosplay suit, a problem which the Inumimu Tsugumi also shares. I would rate Zange-chan highest of the three, but given the wonderful pose she has it is almost an unfair comparison.

This lovely Tsugumi figure is scheduled for release in April 2009 and available for about ¥5,700, so international customers will easily be able to acquire her.

In the mean time, there is always the increasing selection of images focused on her to tide you over…

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