Yoshika Miyafuji Moe-Figure From AmiAmi


After a surprisingly long wait, popular series Strike Witches is receiving its first full-sized figure based on the TV series’ designs.

This figure of Yoshika Miyafuji in a moment of kemono mimi powered flight, with her legs suitably spread wide apart for our enjoyment, is sure to receive much appreciation from the figure-starved Strike Witches fan base that has had to resort to making their own fanmade figure renditions.

This 1/8 PVC figure by AmiAmi will be given only a limited release – the only guaranteed way to get one’s mecha musume loving hands on it will be via the AmiAmi store itself, although there seems to exist the possibility of sales from other stores “friendly to AmiAmi.”

The sculptor is listed as 絵理子 (Eriko), apparently a newer name in the industry as I have trouble finding  past examples of her work.



The figure’s best feature must be its face – this is as perfect a 3D rendition of Yoshika-tan‘s face as I can imagine. Extraordinarily cute.


The hair and kemono-mimi look decent, and the wind-effects on her clothes are a nice touch.


Her Type 99 machine gun certainly looks better from afar than in close-ups, and the Striker Unit looks suitably detailed.


The seam in her hair seen here is quite jarring… the figure is still many months away, but this is listed as the final version of the figure on AmiAmi’s website.


This being a Strike Witches figure, a good view of Yoshika’s not-pantsu is pretty much a requirement. It’s difficult to tell going only by photos, but it seems her mizugi might be a bit on the shiny side.


In this photo the shininess of her mizugi can be more readily appreciated, here highlighting Yoshika’s comely oshiri.


Overall, this is well-done figure version of Yoshika that undoubtedly will become highly sought after by Strike Witches fans, especially when one considers that this 2007  Kadokawa figure of Yoshika based on the OVA character design was all that previously available…


Set for a June 2009 release date, Yoshika Miyafuji (AmiAmi version) will have a retail price of ¥6,650, but pre-orders are being taken for ¥5,977 at the AmiAmi website.

Unfortunately for international buyers, AmiAmi does not ship internationally, which means acquiring this figure will prove to be especially difficult if you are not in Japan.

Via AmiAmi Blog.

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