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Minami-ke OAD/OVA Due


Minami-ke is due to receive an OAD (an OVA bundled with the manga) next year, in what is becoming something of a notable trend.

The disc is set for a June 2009 release, bundled with the limited edition version of the sixth volume of the manga, for some ¥3,700.

Now the important part: production will be handled by Asread, the same esteemed company responsible for the much unloved Okawari second season, and also currently producing the third season.

Nothing, it seems, can now wrest this franchise from their grip…


Kodansha seems to be experiencing some success with, or at least is promoting aggressively, the OAD (Original Animation Disc) format, though fans seem ambivalent or hostile to the tactic, not that this apparently impacts sales.

Negima, To Love-Ru, Zetsubou Sensei, Kiss×sis, the list goes on. The OAD seems to be here to stay.

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