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Kannagi Mangaka Eri Takenashi Critically Ill


The health of Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi is apparently in exceedingly dire straits, with possible consequences far graver than an indefinite hiatus for her popular manga.

The latest news comes by way of statements made by mangaka 峰倉かずや / Kazuya Minekura (Saiyuki) on her blog; in wishing her well, she says “At the current time she can’t even move her body”. Alarming indeed.

This puts into context the otherwise vague statements made by ComicREX about her being unable to write:

“The author’s health is in a bad way, and she can no longer write. If she recovers, we may hear an explanation from her.”

The “if” previously looked relatively innocuous, but now it looks positively ominous.

She has both withdrawn from publishing her manga, and has also had to stop work on various extras for the DVD edition.

Whilst speculation raged as to the real facts underlying the case when we had merely the information that she had fallen ill, with this news apparently confirming the seriousness of her condition it looks as though an explanation implicating the ludicrous antics of otaku is far less plausible than it was previously; probably such an illness would have much more serious causes, though again we are left wondering about what precisely is going on.

Whatever the case, once again I am sure you will join me in wishing her well, and hoping for as speedy a return to health for her as possible.

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