79-Year-Old Arrested for Paid Sex with Schoolgirl


A 79-year-old security guard has been arrested on the suspicion that he met a 16-year-old high-school girl through a keitai (mobile phone) dating site and arranged “improper” meetings at a local hotel in return for “several tens of thousand yen.”

Allegedly, the aged lolicon asked the schoolgirl “Is a 49-year-old ‘grampa’ OK?” before their meetings began.

The suspect was arrested earlier today in Fuji City (Shizuoka Prefecture) where the crime took place, en route to the hotel for his appointment. We do not hear the details of whether their commercial relationship was consummated, though he is said to have often met with companions in such fashion.

It seems the man already admits to the charges, though the precise details of his capture are unclear; presumably it was uneventful.


Police investigators admit with surprise that this is the first time they have ever even heard of a crime where a man in his seventies engaged in underage sex with a schoolgirl.

This Japanese TV news report is the source of the only known images of the suspect, videotaped as he is being taken into custody by police.

Via TBS News.

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