Eroge Playable on iPhone/iPod Touch: Clannad, Tsukihime…


An enterprising soul has succeeded in making a number of highly popular visual novels/eroge work on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with such famous titles as Clannad, Air, Tsukihime, Higurashi, etc., all confirmed as working fully.

There is the prospect of more to follow, with games running on similar engines, such as Little Busters, likely to follow.




The process to getting them working looks to be quite involved, and differs for each title (and the instructions are in Japanese, strangely enough).

Those who try might like to share their findings on the wiki page I have prepared, which currently has a skeleton article, along with links to various key pages. More on the Sankaku Complex Wiki later…

The main source for such iPhone hacking information is the iPhone Wiki, so that should be your first port of call.

Those looking for something simpler may be better served by the previous eroge for the iPhone we saw, though admittedly it is far less satisfying…



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