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Russia Calls GTO “Paedophilia Propaganda”, Demands Ban


Russian youth orientated animation channel 2X2’s broadcasts of school anime Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is being accused of propagandising in favour of child pornography and prostitution by a state censorship body.

The body complains that the anime includes close-ups on female crotches, sexual perversion, child pornography, violence and cruelty. Viewership looks set to soar with this endorsement.

A member of the censorship committee, Rossvyazkomnadzor (the Federal Service for Supervision in Communications and Mass Communications), Vladimir Annushkin, has this to say:

“It isn’t explicitly laid out, but this work is paedophilia propaganda. There’s plenty of humour, so viewers may come to think that prostitution and theft are acceptable.”

However, the censors seem unlikely to have their way, as previously they complained about violence in South Park, broadcast on the same station, which resulted in the station being ordered to re-examine its content, but in no further action. The station’s broadcast license is yet valid for some 5 years, it is said.

A 2X2 spokesperson claims that they have heard the body’s opinions, but have not received any formal censure.

Sony Entertainment, owner of maker Studio Pierrot and parent Aniplex, in turn says that the anime has been broadcast internationally before, with no problems emerging whatsoever. It was attempting to tackle social problems at the time it was made, and has no immoral intent, they say.


Via Variety Japan.

Perhaps a lack of connections on the part of the broadcaster? Or perhaps their connections explain why the body is ignored?

I leave you with the wry remark of a 2channer:

“Russia, with all its restrictions and censorship, has a vastly higher rate of sex crime, doesn’t it? What’s this all about, I wonder.”

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