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Mass Naked Child Events: Schoolchildren Can’t Spell Dog?


Another one of those inexplicable scenes of school nudity Japanese TV seems to throw at us with disarming regularity.

These elementary schoolers are engaged in a spot of (half-)naked basic literacy education, innocent enough you might think, but we see in the corner that they are having difficulty writing the rather simple character for “dog”, 犬.

I leave you to speculate why they might be naked…

More TV strangeness, if you can bear it. Or school antics, if you prefer….

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  • Anonymous says:

    The western way of thinking is turning everything that has a kid in it into something “horrible” just because of pedos. I see nothing wrong with this. please someone explain to me whats so bad about this pic?

  • Okay people, lets not get too PC here. The simple story behind the show is a report about the heat in classrooms around summer. There is no air conditioning in japanese public schools. I know that most western and european parents would prefer to bow to the pressure of political and moral leaders, but here in japan they believe that kids are important and prefer that they do not suffer from heat stroke just to live by puritanical standards. To the person who made the death camp comment, please do your best to make it onto the darwin award list! Quit pounding the pulpit and get a life. I dont want your religion.

  • I don’t have any problem with this, because the character for ‘dog’ is just like the character for ‘big’ only with a little dot in the corner. It’s a perfectly understandable mistake…

  • "I think that western society has failed somewhat with regards to nudity instead of seeing through the eyes of a child they see through the eyes of a pedo which is rather disturbing."

    Yep another example of the wonders of Christianity (although they can't claim to own the attitude exclusively).

    Kids act like kids till you force bias onto them.

    • Not Western society – just America, and increasing the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. These countries are increasingly amoral, yet bizarrely (perhaps inevitably) sexualise children and any nudity. Sick societies, really.

  • This is actually one of the things inherited from the Prussian influences on Japanese education (together with seifuku, buruma, gakuran and gymnastics).

    As the tribe of the Prussians are the most belligerent of all the german tribes, it was only obvious that they would come up with ingenious ways to prepare their youth for the barracks, besides ingenious ways to kill other people.
    They came up with strict and disciplined education. Were one of the first who forced gymnastics on their youth at school (for that they invented the buruma, ‘turnhosen’ altough they recommended children and youngsters to go without a top until even after WWII).

    However, those better off (bourgeoise, lower nobility) would send their children to strict boarding schools. Many of these boarding schools, where youth was drilled for military academy or for becoming an officer’s wife, went even further than just the buruma during sports. They would let their students be naked all year around. According to the Prussian thinkers, this would steel the body and sharpen the senses (indeed quite a few WWII aces and top officers spent most their youth unclothed).

    These ideas also made its way to Japan, and although dilluted nowadays (children wear buruma, only several kindergartens or lower elementary classes) are still taking place.

  • When I first saw the picture I was thinking “is this real?” but I think it is perfectly alright. I think that western society has failed somewhat with regards to nudity instead of seeing through the eyes of a child they see through the eyes of a pedo which is rather disturbing.

    I blame censorship, christians and not having sentos. Westerners these days rarely see nakedness in a non sexual context which I think is rather disturbing, girls grow up thinking they are broken because their genitals do not look like the pictures in the magazines even opting for surgery.

    Of course you face social, professional and legal issues if you defended the normality of nakedness especially with children and I hear the folks in jail do not take kindly to pedobears.

    I like the luxuries of living in a western country but this morality issue sure is a big problem.

  • Altair said:
    What the temperature in Japan, anyway? They could catch a Cold.

    You can't catch a cold from the cold. The cold is caused by the rhinovirus. Also it has been proven that cold temperatures do not weaken the immune system thus making one susceptible to the cold or other sicknesses. Again you can't catch a cold from the cold.

    I've seen a video some where talking about a school like this where children don't wear shirts and even do exercises in the cold wearing nothing but shorts. The purpose is to harden and strengthen the children. It is a bunch of Spartan drivel and malarkey.

  • whateversclever says:

    the US has gotten over paranoid about child nudity. It used to be fine to let your kids go swimming at the beach nude and now if you do something like that people flip out. the kids in this photo are topless not naked. Now if you take pics or videos or your kids playing in the bath you are a child predator. I think the US and some other countries have really gone out of thier minds about this. In Thailand there are still pics of kids on child related bath time products and no one is calling the companies child porn publishers because they relise it is harmless. God made us naked and in our shame we humans decided to cloth ourselves. Nudity is no big deal. we are all naked under our clothes.

  • Hm, you know these pictures bring a revelation in me… much as I love the concept of DFC and all, I actually don’t find these lolis appealing, it’s like ‘too young’ or something, am I caving into society’s pressures to like older bodies which have become sexualized by hormones? I am a prejudiced bastard 🙁

  • Personally, it’s actually quite normal for 1st or 2nd graders to be topless.. Although how the teacher suggested the students to strip half naked does sound freaky..

    Teacher: It’s getting hot in here, so take off (half of) your clothes, kids.

    Students: Yes,teacher!!

    Teacher: Okay,you may continue doing your work.. *Faps himself behind his desk*

  • Okay for everyone saying, there’s nothing wrong with this, how many of you think it’d be perfectly acceptable to be reading this article when all of the sudden someone walks in the room, be you at work or at home. Do you not think that they’re going to ask, wtf are you reading? Seriously, I mean, shit… nothing wrong? I’m pretty sure you’re going to get funny looks for a long time if someone came in on you while you read this. You’d probably have to show them these comments saying, “Nothing wrong with topless boys and girls on the screen”. There really is nothing wrong. No explicit genitals showing, and the girls are hardly developed enough to actually have anything obscene to show (Not that breasts are obscene, mind you). However, you can still accuse this pic of being unintentionally provocative to possible pedos that like 3d. So when you go saying, “Nothing wrong with it.” Think about what the guy walking in on you who haven’t read the article would say. He’d say, “WTF?”. That’d summarize my reaction too. So don’t go accusing people of being paranoid or overly sensitive to the material just because they’re going, “WTF? Why do are you looking at a photo of naked kids.” Frankly, it just isn’t that common, or even normal to be looking at such things in your leisure time, so I actually don’t blame any individuals for questioning this.

    • Rawr, there is a difference between ‘wrong’ and ‘unacceptable’. Wrongness is immoralness. There is nothing immoral about viewing these pictures, or discussing them as we are now.

      Is it unacceptable? To most of conforming alarmist aggressive society: yes, of course it’s unacceptable. They won’t accept it, and you’ll be attacked for looking at a picture and having a conversation. Big difference though.

      Paranoia may be justified, but not joining the sheep in persecuting.

  • Question Mark says:

    children should have clothes on, its not even about the pervertedness or whatever but there is no need to have ur clothes off unless ur at someplace such as a pool or the beach not a school, i would not want my younger cousins or niece and nephew to be trotting around like tramps

  • omg zoider that was hilarious but i bet that would only happen in the west ofc since we hide everything from our kids and say this is bad dont do this and they just become more curious each day good job xD

  • I wasn’t particularly shocked about this as I can see naked children on the streets everyday (I live in a 3rd world country namely Philippines).

    Of course children won’t mind it. They are children their hormones aren’t acting up yet. In their eyes there is no difference between a girl and a boy.

    Even I remember when I was still a kid I went to the mall with only a t-shirt and briefs on. Do I think it was embarrassing then? No.

    I think the west is overly sensitive about these kinds of things.

  • It’s not child pornography, but I’m pretty sure it’s considered twice as much child pornography as lolicon. Since these are REAL girls naked here.

    Even most U-15 Junior Idols don’t expose breasts…
    That I’m aware of.

    You sure this is legal where you live, site owner?

      • Yeah well…they show fully naked adults too. Where in my country that’s normally censored. I don’t know why “indigenous nudity” always gets a pass through all said laws and censorship it normal violates.

        But Japan isn’t some third world country, they’re a first world industrial country. This isn’t “indigenous nudity”.

        And if it weren’t such a big deal, why aren’t the Junior Idols doing it as well? Tell me, legally, what constitutes as child pornography? Puni Puni Poemi was banned in New Zealand. When they have nothing to go by other than one scene when she forgets to put on her underwear in the morning.

        And this contains real girls, not cartoons. So I would think this would get you canned in many countries.

        I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m saying it’s surely twice as considered child pornography as loli anime. And yes, topless loli anime characters ARE considered lolicon.

    • Maybe…
      – It was a really hot summer day?
      – They had swimming lesson after that?
      – All their clothes were being cleaned at the moment, because it was autumn and they were having a battle royale in a mudpit?
      – It was some weird teacher’s idea to test the effect of uniformity (elementary schools normally don’t have uniforms)?

      In any case: This isn’t anything you don’t see on thousands of tourist-infected beaches around the world every summer. Big deal.

  • Western society has pedophilia obsession. Pedophiles run rampant and are hiding behind every bush and under every rock. The Japanese don’t obsess about it so they don’t have any issues with the stuff like their neurotic western counterparts.

    • LOL what? Thats why stuff like the birth rate is down in Japan(along with other reasons) not to mention all the stuff mentioned on this website. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that Japan doesn’t have pedophiles or rapists.

      • I don’t think lower birth rate has anything to do with it, but rather with industrialization and the rise of the middle, urban and professional class.

        Anyway, according to french philosopher Foucault in his “history of sexuality”, since the end of the 18th century the west is literally obsessed about sex, well, rather, about any “deviations” about sex.

        According to him, even when there were just “sins” against nature, it was just a judiciary thing, it was the same being adulterous or a pedophile or a rapist or homosexual. It was something that was punished, but “nothing” else.

        But since the 18th century, under the pretense to erase all sex from life (what we know as victorianism), the truth is that there started to be many, many discoruses about sex, in fact an obsession.

        Let’s not forget that it’s during the 19th century in Victorian England where the study of “paraphilias” started. It was like a species catalogue in biology. It was actually an obsession, to find the paraphile, to study their case, to classify them. Catch ’em all, one might say.

        Foucault mentions that before the 18th century Erasmus even gave his disciples tips about visiting prostitues or that child sexuality was something at most funny, but no big deal -compare to the obsession about child masturbation in the 19th and 20th centuries. The same might surely go for this picture. Before victorianism it would just have been funny or weird in the west.

        But in the 19th century it became taboo, although as a matter of fact the obsession of society about all kinds of sex soared.

        Since Japan even if quite westernized is a different culture, the obsession about making these classifications doesn’t apply. That’s why in the west there are pedophiles and rapists and anything bad related to sex like unwanted pregnancy, AIDS or STDs under every rock. Because there is an obsession still lingering on, and despide any sexual revolution, and it happens not since the middle ages, but rather since the end of the 18th century.

        Although, like everywhere, rapists and pedophiles exist in Japan, maybe more, maybe fewer, it doesn’t matter, the discourses and obsessions about them aren’t that important to society in comparison to the obsessed west. That’s the difference.

        For example, in Japan manga featuring minors having sex is something that don’t attact people’s attention. In the west, however, it would be prosecuted. But not only prosecuted and forgotten, on the contrary, there would be a “discourse” about it, in other words, it would appear on TV, always under this moralism, always seeming like it’s such a bad, horrible thing, but in truth there’s this lustful desire to talk about it. To talk about it a lot. Why would someone want to see drawings of minors having sex? Let’s describe the type of scenes it had – never show them, of course, but tease the audience, and tease ourselves. Maybe the ones who buy it were molested when they were kids? It must have a cause, let’s talk to a pyschiatrist.

        Under moralism there’s the need, the urge and the lust to know about it and to discuss it, to push what we say or show to the limits, to question others, to know.

        • The more you stigmatise it, the more you keep it secret, the more the newer generation is interested in learning about it out of impudent curiousity.

          I hope that some of you here who had seen this picture in its full resolution would realise that you are now in danger of prosecution, however ridiculous it may sound, for viewing such pictures, even though there is absence of a victim. Moralists would do anything to keep people who view these things in jail.

          Also, I do not see this as unusual. Such practice of partial nudity is spread throughout Asia, no different than swimming lessons, etc. Maybe its because they do not see anything sexual with it; they’re just children. But it is those who are unfamiliar with this practice who are the ones to decry it. It makes us wonder who the real perverts are.

        • @ Jarmel

          I don’t really see that being an issue that applies to these photos.

          While we in the west don’t understand WHY this mass of naked children are failing epically at spelling “dog”, no one one present in the images is being harmed or exploited in any way.

          If anything, your comment and the majority of comments in this thread simply reinforce the points Foucalt (and Seav by extension) attempt to make. Even a rather innocent (if stange) picture of children in a learning environment prompts the compulsion to discuss alleged deviance.

          The assumption that these content, smiling children were forcibly stripped by unseen adults pretty much sums it all up… I can’t help but laugh.

        • Very insightful. But taking advantage of people’s innocence, adult or child, is still wrong. The degree of mass naked children in classrooms are accepted differently by different cultures, especially being broadcasted on TV. According to ur explanation, I’m guessing it couldn’t be broadcated by any “paraphile” but would be deemed so in the West.

        • Finally a post with some depth to it. I agree with what Seav said all of us from the west are overly obsessed with anything that has to do with sex while quite a bit of the countries east of say India have indifferent views to this. If it was possible to pass such indifference to the rest of the world there would probably be much less pedophiles and rapists. the latter is a mabey

        • I do agree that the West has a more serious problem with the morality of it. However the main problem again with pedophiles is the lack of knowledge on behalf of the child. People then take advantage of such. I live in NYC and the state law there is if someone can’t say no due to drugs or being drunk, that is still rape. I feel the same with children in that they lack the cognitive functions especially at that stage to fully understand what they are doing and it is a form of rape. It’s perfectly fine for children to be topless but what about the adults who probably stripped them and the adults who took the photos?

        • Thank you for an extremely informative post there – it has given me much food for thought.

          Truly, our lusts take unusual forms in this age, especially with regard to the efforts to desexualise children and young adults western society at large seems so concerned with.

    • Anonymous says:

      when I first saw this, I was like “What the fuck is this?” then I realize I was getting caught up in the American way of thinking.

      I remember these embarrassing pictures my parents took when I was two or three years old, running around in the garden naked.

      Im sure if they were developed now adays, my parents would be arrested for their horrible crimes.

      certainly our world is a very different place.

    • Why is only children being topless natural? Is there something about being an adult that makes being nude unnatural?

      It’s odd that in a country like Japan, that is so set in conformity and modesty, children are welcome to do these things, but the moment they get into, say, middle school, any kind of dissonant behavior is shunned. That can’t be healthy for them, I don’t really mind the nudity so much as it is unexpected from such a straight-laced society.

  • huh, i’m not disgusted by the children being topless because they don’t understand what they are doing, but shouldn’t the adults be thinking about what the children would think about this kind of behaviour? what if the children, after this, thinks that going topless in front of people is all right?

    • Needs more full body veils, for both genders, amirite? As soon as babies are born, shove them into a black bag with air holes, and keep upgrading the bags as they grow larger. Let’s not forget the pets and other animals too. They so shamelessly cavort their nakedness everywhere! The horror! As if any fur or so is good enough cover! The bestiality fetishists clearly indicate that we need to track down every single animal in the world and clothe them, the same way the paedos are proof of that we can’t let children show any skin at all lest they be fapped at or raped for being such shameless hussies!

    • So bloody what? Even in some Western cultures it is certainly fairly normal for men to be topless (say at football games and such, never mind various athletes) and once the girls grow funny bumps I’m sure it could be explained to them that perhaps not going topless might be a good idea.
      Where I grew up (in Germany, yes, I’m the same Anonymous from further up) it was a “play road” (cars had to go slowly and whatnot) and in summer there were _naked_ kids playing on the road (although houses had gardens, too). Not so sure it would be that way today, but the parents obviously didn’t think it was too bad back then.

  • hmmm… on second thought, maybe I should comment.
    The last comment was, of course, a joke.

    But I’ll just say this: it’s truly sad the fact that we live in a society in which some people will consider the images “disturbing”.

    It’s a bunch of children with no shirt.

    Of course, the western society being all paranoid, moralist and twisted will think: “HOLY CRAP! CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!” or “THE CHILDREN, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN” or “THOSE KIDS WILL HAVE PERMANENT DAMAGES FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFES!!!”

    What happened to 20 years ago, when it was perfectly normal even to show naked kids on TV, or even let your kids be on underwear only in parks and public spaces?
    C’mon! I did it as a kid. My neighbours also did it, and there were no problems.

    And I lived in a middle class neighbourhood in the middle of the city too…

    What the fuck is happening to people these days?
    What’s next? Will parents have to bathe their kids using blindfolds in the future?

      • “then perhaps adult nudity needn’t be an issue either.”
        Naked people isn’t strange nor automatically sexual. Especially not children. Obsession with naked people is creepy (e.g. the “violence GOOD! bare chest BAD!” crazy people), and people downright obsessed with what any pedos might think is doubly so.

        • Indeed, I was wondering why the girls should be more creepy. Isn’t it in fact laughable that in the west even toddler girls appear to have to wear bikinis? Nani?
          Interestingly, about, uh, twenty years ago, I’d say, on a station with a fair amount of anime even back then (!!) in Germany I saw two ads for different toys that involved bathing (don’t ask me the details, one might have been the barbie that changed hair colour depending on water temperature or something). Anyway, in one ad, the girls playing were topless, in the other they weren’t. Of course, wearing bikinis in the bathtub should be doubly strange. Thing is though that afterwards I don’t think I ever saw another ad with topless little girls in Germany, so I guess I witnessed that particular climate change over here.

      • I wouldn’t say suspect, but it would be hard to justify naked third graders or whatever they may be, in class. I don’t know all the facts aside from these pictures, but it just seems like something to appease the pedo’s that do not find 3D to be pig disgusting. Cultural difference is pretty interesting though, western kids would be having a fit.

        Funny thing was when I refreshed the page and saw this, I did a triple take.