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Deculture! New Macross F “Special Service Medley”


The “Nyan-Nyan Special Service Medley” compilation song from the recently released Macross F Vocal Collection – Nyan-Tama♀ has reached a healthy 90,000 views on Nico in little over a week.

For those who may not have had the pleasure of hearing it, it has been hosted here for your convenience…

This new Nyan-Nyan medley covers most of the songs skipped in the original Nyan-Nyan medley released in the Macross F OST2 and is even longer, lasting over twelve minutes.

Included among the songs played are the Ranka Lee (Megumi Nakajima) and Sheryl Nome (May’n) duet versions  of “Triangular” and “Diamond Crevasse”, plus the Sheryl solo version of “Aimo.”

Macross legend Lynn Minmei (Mari Iijima) once again makes a short but memorable appearance in the closing minutes of the song.

Player 1



Bonus picture of Macross F’s manly hero Alto Saotome shown below:


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