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Cake Raeper Busted


A man who attempted to raep a schoolgirl by drugging a cake, and then giving it to her in order to incapacitate her, has been handed a substantial prison term for his culinary felony.

The man (41) was employed at a real estate company, where he was also responsible for manageing a number of residential buildings. It seems a girl (16 at the time) who lived there caught his eye, so he resolved to have her, though by trickery rather than the usual recourse of money or force.

He prepared her a cake, one thoroughly laced with sedative, and then presented it to her as a gift.

Later that evening, he let himself into her apartment using his keys, seeking his sleeping victim.

Fortunately, the girl was yet awake, and on seeing this, the man showed his substantial yellow streak and fled immediately.

It seems he escaped justice for several years after, but in 2007 he once again tried to force himself upon a lady, trying to overpower her in a parked car. It seems he did not succeed fully there either.

He was convicted recently for indecent assault and attempted rape; the judge was damning, saying “You have a deep rooted inclination towards committing sex crimes” – the prosecution demanded six years for the cake raeper, and the judge finally opted for five and a half years.

Via Mainichi.

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