Tsun-Ero! Kagami Dutch Wife “Flog Pillow”


Fans of Lucky Star have been blessed with the chance to purchase this dutch wife facsimile of beloved tsundere icon Kagami Hiiragi for the past few months. It may not be as new as some other recently announced onanist merchandise, but it is certainly worthy of a closer look…

This doll, curiously labelled a “Flog Pillow” (Frog Pillow), follows the tried and true formula of a blow-up doll that is more or less humanoid-shaped with a detachable ona-hole similar to a Tenga placed in the anatomically correct spot.

The details may be hard to understand for some, so I will let pictures explain it in fine detail:


The packaging includes the blurbs “Next-Generation Air Hug Pillow with Legs” and “Tsun☆Ero MIX”

The speech caption by Kagami teasingly reads: “W-Well, you can do whatever you like!”



The business end.


These pictures should give a general idea of what exactly is inside the attractive Aisaka Taiga Tora-Ana packaging for those wholly unfamiliar with ona-holes.


The ona-hole itself is detachable for easy clean-up after use, and is also advertised as being “suitable for one-handed use.”

This dutch wife is available at a number of online sex toys stores, with prices varying from ¥3,000-¥4,000.  Unfortunately for interested international buyers, it will likely be excruciatingly hard to find a store that will ship overseas, although we do hear of one such retailer by way of Anonymous.

Disappointed readers may instead choose to wait for scans of the upcoming Comiket 75 releases to find their way to the Internet to help fufill any onanism needs…

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