Tony C75 Total Clothing Failure Yuri Dakimakura


In addition to his upcoming C75 Clannad After Story doujinshi, which we learn a few details of below, esteemed ero-artist Tony also has this strikingly erotic dakimakura cover planned for release, featuring some intense yuri antics, as you see below, along with extensive clothing failure:


You may be distraught to hear that the dakimakura in question will only be available (officially) at the event itself, and, worse yet, it will be a limited run of only 300. Crisis.

By way of consolation, he also has a variety of telephone cards, bags and similar trinkets set for C75 release…

And of course, there are details on his new Clannad After Story doujinshi, ぼたん鍋 / Button Nabe:


40 pages, 16 in colour.

Details at his site. Or examine some topical Clannad images whilst you wait…


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