ToraAna! Aisaka Taiga Dutch Wife


Onanist fans of Toradora will surely rejoice at the news that a (strictly unauthorised) doujin Dutch wife, designed to simulate “Tiger’s Pussy”, that is to say Aisaka Taiga, will be released at the 75th Comiket.

The palmtop ona-hole will be titled とらアナ! / ToraAna! (“ana” means hole, in case you were wondering), and is produced by an avowed Dutch wife enthusiast, so its quality looks set to be high.

The price is not confirmed yet (“less than a CD album” is the target), but the details of the C75 appearance have been released: 三日目 西す-16b: 汁屋; for those who worry about such things, the hole is made in Japan.

Should you be concerned over where this is a genuine product, you may be reassured to know that there are indeed companies who will manufacture custom onanism devices in small lots, and of course the matter of preparing the packaging is a simple one.

The lack of such products at Comiket is something of a mystery, is it not? There are certainly other suspect holes on offer…

The designer mentions he was thinking of creating a non-second-hand Nagi-sama hole. Thankfully we are spared this particular delight, for now at least…

The uncensored (or less censored at any rate) packaging for your scrutiny:


Find out more at source and creator: Tentative Name.

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