My Waifu the Meido: Minka Lee’s Interstellar Flight


A maid dancing to Macross Frontier’s “Interstellar Flight” signature tune, complete with Ranka Lee inspired “kira”, and with perhaps rather more enthusiasm than skill, is the latest amateur musical senstation to be found on NicoNico Douga.

Player 1


She has come to be dubbed “Minka Lee”, or Minka-chan, as she appears to dancing in a minka, or traditional Japanese house. Whether or not her dancing is any good is generally seen to be beside the point, as she has an appealing maid costume amongst other assets.

There is a huge amount of speculation on Nico as to the gender of this maid, something we seem to have seen a lot of lately. I invite you to speculate on the matter, and will provide a poll to assist:

[poll id=”54″]

I’m sure that many here, as on Nico, will not mind too much even if it is a man, as he would certainly rank as phenomenally appealing in that case…

You can also see the “real” Ranka Lee busy dominating Nico. Or you can pursue that newfound interest in maids on the Channel

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