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SOM: Eroge Dutch Wife Interface, Works with Cross Days


Devoted onanists are greeting the latest innovation in Dutch wife technology with glee; the device, dubbed SOM, promises computer controlled mechanical stimulation synchronised with the events of eroge via a USB interface.

The first game to support it is none other than esteemed bug developer Overflow’s latest QC crisis: Cross Days.

The device, available in four versions, “Men’s”, “Lady’s” and the dread “Hand”, along with “Puchi”, or “Petit” SOM, promises the “Next Generation in Sensory Reality” via its innovative “Sync-Climax” system.


And in action:

It will apparently alter its mechanical stimulation according to the tempo of the scene currently being experienced in the eroge (currently only Cross Days); it looks as if compatibility with normal AV and similar is also possible.


The company has this to say about their product (the original Engrish):

“SOM is our company’s original, high spec machine. You should experience its real satisfaction has never existed. It is possible to use with domestic power supply (100V). For long term use, make materials under the complete manners. If you have any trouble, we will guarantee the maintenance for free. We are sure of the super-satisfaction much more than it’s price.”

Some digging reveals why they are not so sure about the price: it is ¥45,000 (or ¥25,000 for the Puchi SOM) – clearly a technological marvel such as this must involve colossal development costs which need to be recouped, or perhaps the maker is merely playing gadget-crazed and sex-starved otaku for fools, we can but speculate.

In addition to the SOM and Cross Days, a “SOMCON” controller unit is also required…

Visit their homepage, available in Engrish, for more details; see also the Cross Days SOM page. Via Itai News.

The future of onanism technology, or a cunning rube bilking gimmick? Would you integrate such a device into your eroge sessions?

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