Mahou Shoujo Obsessed Otaku Murders 5-Year-Old Girl


The otaku murderer of a 5-year-old girl has been arrested, and upon investigation his residence was found to be festooned with bishoujo anime and manga related goods, with an entire wall given over to bishoujo posters prominently featuring magical girl anime PreCure.


The corpse of his victim, 成田幸満 / Yukimaro Narita (5), or “Yukimaro-chan”, was found abandoned two and a half months ago, and only now have police arrested a suspect, after he was found carrying her clothes in a bag.

The apparent culprit, 勝木諒 / Ryou Katsuki (21), pictured, acknowledges his guilt (for abandoning the corpse) and goes so far as to apologise for this. It seems he does not acknowledge the actual murder. He was arrested carrying the clothes and shoes of the deceased girl in a bag near his residence.



Katsuki describes the moment of the probable murder in indirect fashion: “I told her ‘Go home’, but she kept following me. Before I knew it, she was at the genkan. Before I knew it, she was senseless.” It seems he admits only to abandoning her corpse, saying he was “scared”.

He dumped Yukimaro-chan’s corpse near to the six story apartment building where he lived with his mother, where she was later discovered. She was apparently strangled.

After the murder, it seems he became a stalker, with a female resident of the same apartments reporting that he followed her about the building on one occasion, and then made a call to her residence asking after her daughter.

He then apparently started stalking a female Mainichi reporter who had been investigating the murder, following her, and calling her up to ten times a day, without saying a word throughout.

Here he is interviewed by one such reporter some time prior to his arrest:


“Have you seen anything of Yukimaro-chan?”

“I’ve seen nothing of her.”

Katsuki worked in a futon factory for three years, apparently without much issue, but he seems to have suddenly taken unauthorised leave of his work some months ago, and his doting mother apparently later communicated to them his desire to resign. This occurred just the day before he killed his victim.

Various interviews with his acquaintances show them exhibiting surprise that he might do such a thing. It does not seem they knew of his stalking activities either.

Katsuki was also said to frequent the local video rental establishment, where he would rent large amounts of anime, idol related CDs and videos, as well as western films and period dramas. Katsuki himself also said he frequented the local library and did much reading.

Of course, the media directs most attention to his anime otaku proclivities, with the aforementioned taste for PreCure being highlighted, along with his large manga collection, perhaps reasonable given his interest in that and similar titles seems to have been quite intense.

Via Mainichi, etc.


We are left with the portrait of a fat, magical girl obsessed otaku who lived alone with his mother whilst plying a dead-end job, and then quit, murdered a little girl and started stalking various females. Almost a caricature.

Clearly, the sort of mania otaku embody seems frequently to lead to excess, though rarely with so a tragic a consequence as this; there are certainly exceptions to this, however.


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  • A Huge fan of Star Wars who has posters, figures and a variety of memorabilia, goes out and shoots his neighbor. Media finds out his love of Star Wars and blames the Stormtroppers and/or Han Solo for influencing him into shooting someone.

    Yeah that sounds pretty dumb, just like the media’s conclusion about this guy.

  • Klingengeist says:

    This reminds me of the debate we have in germany about games. They make is sound like everyone who plays “Killerspiele”(they mean 1st person shooters mostly) will run amok.
    And here they make it sound like every otaku is a potential killer.

    Btw even if he was bullied his whole live, it doesnt make him less guilty for killing someone innocent.
    But actually we dont need to look at japanese criminals, just open your newspapers. People like him are everywhere and most of them are what you can call “normal” people except for their desire to abuse or kill…

    • Gosh, that fear of ‘Killerspiele’ is just so stupid ( and I don’t even like games – tipical girl I guess XD )…I watched a lot of German reports on gamers so I’m kind of aware what you mean…^^U

      Btw…Even though the media still points finger on every ‘otaku-related’ crime, the Japanese public makes differences between extremists and ‘normal’ fans…( I have a Japanese penpal who is related to the otaku culture and he told me this )

      The real problem is that these news get to Western ppl who have no idea of the otaku culture and will think all of us are fat hikikomori loosers watching loli porn 24/7…> >

      I still remember as parents here in Hungary were highly upset about Dragon Ball for being too violent and it’s broadcast has been canceled..T T

      ( Good think I’m good at German so I could watch it on a German channel XD )

  • iken masin desu says:

    try having a job with wages as minimum as i have. then you won’t have money to buy manga; and even if you end up as a sociopath and kill someone it won’t be blamed on the otaku community.

  • Anonymous says:

    question, Artefact.

    As I have read in your other articles, particularly, the articles about Chinese-related events, you have stated that since china has a fifth of the worlds population, then logically, the fifth of the worlds depravity would also be present there. so would this idea also apply to this situation? Since the guy is clearly obsessed with anime, would it be right to assume that anime was the cause of his criminal act?

    the murdered was clearly a minor, the murderer is obsessed with anime, particularly the magical girl genre, which is obviously loli, and he has a lot of it at his home. following your logic, anime, therefore is the cause of the murder.


    btw, best site ever!

  • Even worse, he didn’t even expressed any remorse nor stating specific reasons why he commited the homicide. A loli followed him,refused to stop and all of sudden ended up strangled.. WTF!? Well, judging that he didn’t rape her and the fact he started stalking on women after this incident, it seemed this wasn’t really a case of “Anime Causes Pedophilia” like Tsutomu’s. Still feeling sorry for that poor girl, though..

    An that’s one really fugly bowlcut..

  • Well this suck for the girl I feel sorry for her. But really in the pictures he looked ok to me, then the the last one came up and I was like holy shit what the fuck…… daaamn. He looks hella crazy in last picture.

  • More to fan the flames… this may not end well, with Tsutomu Miyazaki as the obvious example.

    The problem lies in the fact that everyone needs something to use as a scapegoat, but we have no idea if that is the actual cause. It says that he started having incidents months ago, it may have been caused by something, or maybe he just started to lose it. Psychosis and other psychological things don’t always have a trigger.

    Its the same thing as when some kid goes ape-shit and shoots up his school, then is found to have played a video game at one point in time. “We found doom on his computer!” “Well of course you found Doom on his computer, he was a violent fuck!” “Well, violent kids love video games! That must be the cause of all this!”

    Thanks to Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade for the quote.

  • I gotta wonder. With all the media vilification, has it been confirmed that there would be — in proportion — more murderers among otaku japanese than there is among non-otaku japanese? What about by the number of corpses produced?

    Because I can’t think of this being any worse than the guy who rode a truck into a crowd in Akihabara. Murder of several is always worse than murder of one.

  • Its usually being isolated and lonely that turns people into crazed killers. Not how much of an “Otaku” you are. Just remember kids if you see a lonely guy in class, talk to him. Don’t just ignore him.

    • Not everyone is well adjusted for the world, I’m afraid. We can all say that, had he been more social, or had a decent hobby, had friends or took care of himself, then this wouldn’t have happened. It’s sad that being introverted to the rest of the world can cause someone to become the way they are, but there isn’t much anyone can do about it after the fact.

    • I’ve seen an ero loli manga similar to that before, a twintail loli dressed in a Fate Testarossa-like costume using her “bardiche” to cut down a group of men’s penis…. although, iirc it didn’t have something have to do with revenge and it’s not even a guro manga.

      The artist of that manga is Wanyan Aguda,btw.

  • Oh, gawd. Not again. And guess what? He’s being called an ‘otaku killer’. Seriously, guys, stop doing this. The second culture starts to get okay with us, you go and pull a stunt like this.

    Yeah yeah, I know, boo hoo, poor girl, and all… But seriously, WHY does this kinda thing keep happening? Hey, Japanese Otaku, this is the rest of the world, saying “get your freaking act together and stop ruining it for the rest of us!”

    • Most Japanese have felt contempt towards otaku (and some, even anime fans in general) since the first murder. From what I’ve heard, the figure moe zoku model for otaku is accepted by the general public, while thankfully enough, only social purists like Sam Brownback buy into it in America. That may change because of this, though.

  • Truly sorry for the girl…
    But it’s also kinda obvious that the fact that he liked animes became a sort of scapegoat.

    Is the media preparing ground to justify the laws on banning loli in animes? Seems to be the case.

    Which is just sad. They are just expecting news like that to label everyone who likes animes similar to PreCure a child killer/molester/etc

    • Actually, there is.

      In countries with technology, the smart people don’t breed.

      In countries without technology, the stupid people breed huge numbers of diseased, malnourished offspring who will never be integrated into any technological society.

      Demographic disaster has been happening for a while, but most people are in denial.

  • I rarely feel sorry for murder victims, I’m heartless like that, but still, poor girl, what a creep. I mean, of all the magical girl shows to go nuts for, PreCure? Really? Nanoha’s a million times better.

  • Just think – the day anime completely disappears, all those poor media types, pundits, commentators on social ills and so forth will have to find a new scapegoat. Will it be religion, TV, the Internet, or ‘those sick Americans’?

    • This guy should be executed for harboring a cliché.

      To Haesslich: Internet, games, TV, and non-Japanese religion, in that order.

      Both Japan and the States are becoming poorer, dumber, and more frightened.

    • Sick Americans? People know nothing of other people and don’t know how to research. As I want to say RIP to Yukimaro-chan. You can’t justify how you feel about a nation through media. Media seems to stay the same everywhere. Its stupid to put the emphasis on the anime then the person. Typical media for you. Most people probably believe what they see on tv… It’s sad to think that people are so closed to their own “world” that they forget the view from the outside. People like this exist EVERYWHERE. Unlike America, It seems will reveal a lot more then most media around the world. You will never see the true light of things through articles like this. Not defending this guy, as his respond marks his guilt. DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE! Stop being confined to what you see on tv or read on the internet. The WORLD is one big issue itself. Its funny when people realize how diverse America is. What happens when you get a mix of fucked up people together? POINT MADE. I have lived in places where I see nothing but a specific culture. Whether it be black, white, asian, and whatever you want to categorize… Do these things change? NO. Humans will always be human. I love seeing so people just pointing blame, but doing nothing… If your going to criticize, then criticize the whole world. People are fucked up, religions are fucked up. Fuck me, fuck you, and anyone else who thinks they are void. when did this article about a murder turn into an otaku ordeal, then a obsession ordeal, to Americans? Lets evaluate things a little more clearly! RIP Yukimaro and I hope the killer enjoys many reaping in prison.

  • RIP Yukimaro-chan says:

    It seems so typical for mainstream media to vilify an otaku in that way. No wonder so many people will hide their power levels in public — as soon as something rotten like this happens, the focus is on the otaku within, not on the person or the crime. Not to excuse what this bastard did in anyway, of course. RIP Yukimaro-chan. I hope word gets out about this guy in prison and he gets ass-raped.

    • I doubt you look much better.

      While my heart goes out to the poor girl, I’m sure the “otaku” was probably bullied to all hell during his youth, given with how he looks.

      And with the kinds of replies on this board there’s no doubt in my mind that there is nothing that can save society from creating more of these murderers.

      • Society doesn’t help when it comes to peoples issues but if it isn’t one thing it’s going to be another. And the fact remains society didn’t kill that girl, he did. Society can do alot of things but when it came down to that point where she was going to die, he still made that decision on his own.

      • Sociopaths will always be sociopaths. Even if anime were to somehow be banned altogether, they’d merely find a new medium to become creepy obsessed with. It’s sad that seemingly around the globe government thinks similar to treating a cold will heal the broken leg.

        • maybe he liked a girl a lot when he was 10-ish and that feeling lingered for the next 10 or so years, and he was depraved of any friendship or love beyond his distant mother’s. So he develops a fetish for girls that look around the age of the girls he found attractive back in his school days. It becomes obsessive. He feels anger when he sees little girls in the real world knowing he cant have them and live out his fantasy. Mix that with the feeling of going nowhere, no faith in anything, loneliness, hopelessness, growing contempt with other humans who you feel are contempt with you, low self esteem (big one), a dead end job that’s going to go nowhere and only fuels your fetish collection, and probably suicidal thoughts. a person like that doesn’t really care if the world even implodes due to what he does next.

          This is why everyone needs family doctors and psychologist, and why other human beings need to learn how to treat other humans like humans, especially at tender young ages, before dangerous abnormalities develop. Empathy should be one of the first things children learn.