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Strike Witches ‘Milkie Strike’ Doujinshi Translated


Strike Witches has certainly produced its fair share of doujinshi, but by far the most commercially successful and well-known is the Luchinni focused みるきーすとらいく / Milkie Strike, which is now available on the Channel.

Strangely, this particularly popular doujinshi had not yet received a translation,  so I have taken the liberty of making my own. Fans of Luchinni, Strike Witches, or lolis in general may take a look here.

Unfortunately, I lack the Photoshop skills to make a proper scanlation; all those with the requisite skills may feel free to use this translation as a base for their own work.

Thanks must of course be given to Urotan of Circle Uropyon for the making of this wonderful book.

I believe the best words of praise yet sung for this book can be found at the Engrish version of Akiba Blog: “be honest, the best book to jerk off.”


Certainly, that reviewer knows the proper way to make use of this doujinshi.

Please be aware that the translation notes may be toggled on and off by clicking on the picture, and that you can easily navigate the pages by the pool links at the top of each page.

On an unrelated note, eagle-eyed readers might have noticed a different name under the Author tag for the first time on this site. I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Artefact in allowing me to be a contributor, and I hope that my performance as one will meet the approval of of the readers as well…

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