Cosplay Terrorism: Oricon Photoshop Masters Busted


When reality is not got enough, there is Photoshop. In this case, 2channers have spied an interesting example: a promotional image for the upcoming anime adapted film ヤッターマン / YatterMan, due 2009, which features possibly ill-advised cosplay costumes.

Above, we see the original version published by rag Sanspo. Below, we see the Oricon version. In case the difference is not plain enough, observe the following animated comparison:

Yatterman Cosplay Fail/Win

2channers are moved by the kindness of Oricon, and the skill of their elite shopper.

Many seeing the recent failplay galleries observed that even relatively competent cosplayers come off the worse when badly photographed, especially when compared to pro-cosplay which is often heavily enhanced

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