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Megumi Nakajima/Ranka Lee Conquers NicoNico Douga



Singer-seiyuu 中島愛 / Megumi Nakajima, famed as Ranka Lee and little else, has caused a NicoNico sensation in more ways than one, by uploading a charmingly amateurish, but extremely skilful and kira-laden, rendition of her single “Be Myself” in a spot of cunning marketing. A mere 32 hours after release and she has accumulated 180,000 views, probably a record success.

However, the storm of censorship she invoked from Nico’s management to quell insufficiently worshipful comments also caused something of a sensation…

Player 1


You might be forgiven for having never heard of her – this seems to be the case on Nico too – as she has only the role of Ranka Lee to her name as yet.

Controversy soon followed in her wake, as not all the comments were laudatory; Nico management soon stepped in to expunge any such comments, doubtless keen to avert the horrifying prospect of mere consumers besmirching the good name of a celebrity product, and spoiling her marketing exercise to boot.

They excused themselves in an announcement by accusing commenters of being slanderous and out of control.

Possibly Nico’s management is naïve in expecting to be able to thrust celebrity marketing down the throats of ever intractable Nico-goers? Some question the wisdom of uploading a video to Nico without being prepared to accept the community response to it…

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