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Lady Teacher Gives Pupil Classes in Love Hotel Usage


A lady teacher who instructed one of her pupils “numerous” times in the finer and more intimate points of love hotel usage has been sacked for her extra-curricular aid, we hear.

The teacher (35) was responsible for many third year high schoolers, and of these charges apparently became besotted with one lad.

According to the Board responsible, from July 2006 to March 2007, when her pupil finally graduated in more ways than one, she went to hotels with the boy on any number of occasions, where he was instructed in such activities as you can imagine.

She is chastened: “It was love, but as a teacher it was something which should never have happened.”

She has been subjected to disciplinary dismissal.

In other news, a bandit-teacher in the same city got away with robbing a bag from a car, having the charges dropped, but the man was also dismissed.

Via ZakZak.

Odd that male teachers can apparently grope and fondle their charges with barely a pay cut, but a case like this results in full dismissal.

Cases such as this, though not common, are far from unknown, involving everything from yuri loli sex to straightforward shotacon. At least she avoided criminal charges.

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