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Kannagi Ceases Publication: Otaku Blamed


In a shocking and unexpected development, crazy shrine maiden manga Kannagi has ceased publication indefinitely. Fingers have instantly been pointed at the recent extreme actions of otaku “fans”.

The announcement, carried in the latest issue of ComicREX (where Kannagi is serialised), states that the health of mangaka 武梨えり/ Eri Takenashi is unsound, and so publication is to be suspended with immediate effect.

The magazine begs the forbearance of fans in awaiting further developments, but gives no timeframe for a resumption of publication, and gives no further information on what prompted the suspension.


Further details of publication are set to be published in ComicREX as they arise.

Since no specific reason for the “ill health” is given, speculation that this is related to the recent storm of criticism over the so-called “second-hand Nagi” issue is rife.

Some say that as the author is a lady, she may have been particularly upset over the recent fracas – whilst perhaps unfair, this does have at least a ring of truth to it. Certainly, with such maniacally excessive behaviour on display, few could fail to understand how the author might be affected.

Of course, there is the possibility of a genuine illness.

I am sure Kannagi fans will join me in wishing Takenashi a swift recovery from whatever ails her, and in cursing the wretched virgin hunting otaku who may be responsible. Let us hope Kannagi does not join the unhappy ranks of abandoned manga never to be resumed, or worse


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  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the otaku (being one myself).

    We tend to love innocent characters, and Nagi has that innocent air to her, of someone that has never been in a relationship so revealing that she’s been married before is ”heartbreaking” to us.

    But I highly doubt that the manga has been discontinued because of that, there are always ways to work around it, like revealing that its a misunderstanding or something. Lets just wait and see what happens.

    I also would like to add that my mentality is of a Japanese otaku and not a western one.

  • Anonymous says:

    In the Indian epic that Kannagi was derived from, the heroine was married, but still revered as chaste. *shrug* Otaku need to do their homework before they explode over such a thing.

  • Anonymous says:

    stopping indefinitely without consent of the fans. wow. at least postponing the manga should have been the right word. Just because fans push you a little you just explode. Look what the berserk manga did. He said he want to play games. at least he got a moar sensible excuse.

  • Ok, to those outrage otakus, stop day dreaming and raged over some fiction characters. They are non-existence afterall. It’s not like the story in this fiction anime will affect the real world, damn. Wake up and get back to reality!

    Well, how about put it this way: Nagi’s ex-boyfriend was Jin as well. That should at least calm down those mindless freaks a lil bit. Her ex-bfriend(Jin) died in the wars century ago and she pregnant and died as well. She felt the pain of death and decided to protect the living with her love so she resided in a sacred tree and help those unfortunates who pray to her. She kept doing this until her vessel(sacred tree) was chopped down. By that time Jin has already reincarnate as a human so they have met again due to fate. Satisfied?

  • The members of the Otaku subculture in Japan have carefully cultivated the popularity of a specific type of formula writing that caters to the fetish of reliving one’s childhood over and over and over again… and all that entails. As a result, many excellent Seinen manga with thought-provoking plots that deviate from these established norms have been sidelined or ignored outright by the vast majority of potential fans despite their small and highly-dedicated cult followings.

    Have you seen the way GUNNM and Berserk have been going, lately? Both started out as exceedingly-violent, very well-illustrated and well-written manga. Both have ended up dumbing-down their plots to cater to a wider audience, with the former currently caught up in an interminable fighting tournament and the latter adding cutesy characters like Schierke just to rake in the “bigger crowd”. A damn shame, in my book.

    Why can’t they just let Manga authors tell the story they intended to create from the get-go? Why does everything need to stay within the boundaries of its genre? All these misguided fans are doing is stifling creativity and encouraging the same fetishized crap to be cranked out year after year, and I don’t much care for that. I say let the woman ink whatever the heck she wants. It’s her series. It doesn’t belong to me or you and certainly not to the Otaku.

    • I agree about the lack of originality – the endless school romance/comedies really do the medium a disservice at times, and certainly stifle a great many original works.

      I’m a fan of both the manga you mention, and I agree to an extent – Puck & co. seem necessary in Berserk as otherwise the story can become highly oppressive, but GUNNM is taking things rather far…

      The issue seems to be that mass popularity is required to keep the mangaka fed, and to employ their assistants.

  • I sure hope she gets well soon for any illness, mental or physical. I want to find out whether or not Nagi really is a virgin. >_>

    I’m with 2ch on this one; way to fuck up, otaku.

    If Kannagi really ends up being cancelled, I’m hoping “fans” will learn their lesson and realize their faggotry ruins shit for everyone.

  • It sucks for Kannagi fans but it’s not like this is the first time this happened to a manga.

    I also got a lot of lol reading through the comments from trolls and the fans responding that let themselves get this worked up.

  • i hope she gets better, but…

    if it is because of the fans, well what happened to some writers is that they end the story or they just kill off the main Characters. just to end the trouble of the fans. but i hope that doesn’t happen.

  • Spoony Bard says:

    Why? This is a sad day for all otaku-kind. T_T
    Stupid fanatics screwing over the rest of us.. There wasn’t even any evidence that she wasn’t a virgin! There are non-sexual relationships, I hope they realize..

  • At seeing all this, simply wow~

    I haven’t watched/read Kannagi, yet, but I feel this.
    What I feel the most, is the fact of this actual otaku behavoiur. The base of an otaku is being a fan, and this is not how a fan must behave. I can understand if the mangaka feels depressed or just upset.

    I think that this behavoiur is too hardcore.
    Japanase otakus are too hradcore for me xD

    Anyway, ill or not, I wish the best for the mangaka.

  • Somehow I can see TYPE-MOON (Eri Takenashi is on good terms with them) trolling the virgin-loving fans in their future games.
    They already did quite nice with Sakura in Fate/Stay night (and hell, Saber is not a virgin either).

  • Seriously, Artefact. We need an account/membership system, and we need it FAST. Allowing anonymous comments was never a good idea to begin with. I suggest utilizing the channel accounts as a short term solution.

    • Well, registering does provide a way for someone to be accounted for their action, but it can be circumvented.

      Besides, registering is such a pain.

      I stopped caring for news like this a long time ago. Its so I don’t get too disappointed if something bad happened. If I snapped, I’d probably make a sacrifice or two to punish those responsible.

      Japan, its fucking weird.

    • There is one (you’re welcome to make an account as a few of the more cunning users have done), but what’s the point? I’m completely comfortable with anonymous comments, and frankly the quality of anonymous comments is at least as high as the average persona based comments, if not higher.

      The worst comments people make when they are defending a persona exceed the worst we see from anon, in my experience.

      Of course, the extremely liberal moderation strategy I prefer is another issue entirely.

      That said, this is something I am constantly evaluating, so a change is not out of the question, but I see no need at present.

      • There is? Where do I sign up then? I sure don’t see a login button or similar anywhere around the site. Until now I was thinking that the orange user names just indicate that the commenter has left a url for his/her blog/homepage/whatever…

        I’d have to agree that almost all anonymous comments so far (this news being the main exception?) have been of surprisingly high quality, it’s just that trolls that don’t even notice that they’re trolls, like TheFluff a few dozen comments above, would have to account for their ignorance that way. But yeah, viewed with 2 days distance, it’s not really that bad yet.

        • It’s hidden as there’s not terribly much point in signing up.

          The orange names do just indicate an url – the only difference when logged in is essentially that you do not have to enter your details into the comment form (though browsers usually do this automatically).

      • Artefact, you handle the Anonymous very well, and should be commended for that.

        I think its a shame to see a popular series go, but with the fanaticism of its followers regarding both Nagi and issues concerning her, I think it might be a bit expected. I can only hope that this wasn’t caused by a tragedy such as that of Hiromu Minato. That kind of thing is something I never want to read about again.

        Hopefully she will resume the publication after the fanbase settles down a little.

  • nonchalant_ says:

    Haha, yeah right. I Highly doubt it’s because of the otaku.

    – She really might be ill. I hope she gets well if she is.

    – It might be because there’s some internal problems with the author & the publisher (legal, financial etc). This might be a PR move.

    I’ve read that incident happen to a manga collector. I think it happened a couple of years ago.

  • After some research and an incredibly dangerous espionage mission. I have found out that the true reason behind this shitstorm is due to otakus raging over the fact that someone like Nagi(not attractive, nothing special, according to them) is a non-virgin. While they(the otakus), who are handsome, smart, prince-charming-like couldn’t get laid. What Japan needs to do is get a bunch of sluts and offer free sex to these people before they die from getting buried in their manga in the event of an earthquake.

  • LOL Fucking otakus…
    I just hope mangaka doesn’t stop Kannagi :<

    Sales are good, and, stupid otakus like that one are a minory… (rigth….? lol)

    So, let’s hope Kannagi keeps going after a little break 🙂

  • This is a really sad conclusion of the recent horrible fuss. Some people are just hopeless and impossible. The sad thing is also the fact that because of people like these, the reputation of otakus is deteriorating, even though it’s just a minority that utters those bullshits, I think.

    • Reputation of otakus? What reputation? I bet you’re the type of person who would refer to yourself as an “otaku” just because you’re a fan of Japanese related stuff. Check your facts, dude, the term otaku never was a good thing to begin with.

    • D4RK-PH0ENiX says:

      it not deteriorates. we just start to see the real otakuness. you now can feel why japanese society disliked them in the past.

      anime/manga/japanese stuff lover is not an otaku. an otaku is an individum who lives and breaths his obsession. you can’t do anything about people like these (extermination won’t help. there will succumb others to neet lifestyle and eternal virginity)

  • randomAnonymous says:

    LOL HxH.

    i agree with you, bro. shows like haruhi and lucky shit phenomenons had such an amount of blind fanboys that they would have gone crazy cheering on those just for the fact of doing it.

    >>She is just a manga and anime character, does it really matter if she a virgin or not?
    why do you think people reads/watches kannagi, if not for “fantasies” about nagi??

    • Epsilon_013 says:

      my opinion haruhi and lucky phenomenons happened because innovative opening and ending credit scene. Rarely you see character in some anime dancing like in haruhi ending credit. It’s attractive. I’m not big fans of those but i still enjoyed watching and read them.
      I’m agree with you and Guardian of Ryu. there’s no way to prove it she’s virgin or not. What’ll they do if they can prove that, right? marry her? that’s really freaks mind of extremist otaku. lack of healty social-relationship

  • 1. Real illness is a possibility. I’ll bet she has been working even harder than usual with the increased popularity of her work calling for more drawings from her for various magazines, etc., and maybe even consultation on the anime. One hour of sleep a night is not enough for anyone.

    2. Maybe she needs more time to do those other publicity things. I wonder if she now has other ways of making money than the manga.

    3. People who make offhand comments about Hirano Aya should consider whether they are exhibiting the same symptoms as the crazy virginal otaku.

  • Guardian of Ryu says:

    What a.. commotion..
    Kannagi sort of like Haruhi, that’s why she appeared to be like a phenomenon. The story is nice, and the character line up is good too. Nothing wrong with the character, but why those person called ‘otaku extremist shit freaks’ does things that out of their mind? Damn. To hate Kannagi because there’s a doubt she is a virgin or not, and got boyfriend, is totally insane. She is just a manga and anime character, does it really matter if she a virgin or not? What are they thinking? Crazy. Step up in real world, you deserve eat shit maniacal fuckers!! Shun Goku Satsu!!!!!

    Takenashi-san, get well soon.

      • I agree with him… It’s natural for him to be angry anyway..
        So why the people always call her slut or something like that?
        It’s natural for the big fans of this series will be pissed of if another people called his/her favorite character as a slut when she’s not the one.. Are you not?

        I mean.. She called slut just because she dated with antoher guy from the past? There’s no logic in that statement, isn’t it? And because of that, the mangaka has fallen ill. Just because her character has a boyfriend… It’s ironic, isn’t it?

        If the the ending will be Jun x Nagi, so that means Nagi will have a boyfriend and then she will be called a slut? No isn’t it?

        So all of the heroine from romance anime are a slut because they will hooked up with the main hero is a slut? If yes then don’t you ever watch anime in your entire life because all of the anime girls are slut…

        I just can’t get the logic that girl + has a ex boyfriend from the past + the girl fallen in love with another guy + her ex boyfriend showed up + the girl cries = slut?
        Where’s the connection between them?

      • randomAnonymous says:

        instead of writing faggotry comments and being an idiot, try thinking how would you feel if your series were destined to be read by about half less readers than before.
        It’d be a moral failure for the author and thus the right choice to stop production [read: quit].
        Also, acting this way, the readers proved to read kannagi only for its fanservice and surely not for its “plot” (absolutely rightfully), differently than what the blind fanboys say.

        Fanboyism is not a sin, and i imagine that many of them might be disappointed, but for the others, objectively, that was kind of the right thing to do.

  • Does Kannagi get any better after chapter 12? I’m not entirely impressed with this series thus far.

    Maybe that’s the question people should ask themselves: “Is this series even that good for me to care about its indefinite cancellation”?

  • D4RK-PH0ENiX says:

    y’know, trolls like this and reactions on trolls like that ( just make authors depressed. all creative work is not about money and numbers, but about feedback. good feedback driver authors forward and makes them love their work as people love it, but bad feedback makes authors sad. YOU, stupid otaku, just made an author to say quits on a project just because of your utter stupidity, love for trolls and misconsideration of people who may get hurt by your trolls and more than that – the reaction of the crowd on it. I really wish the author gets well, but the manga, if it’ll be continued, won’t be the same. I’d wish to say “just burn in hell, you virgins”, but it wouldn’t have any effect. you’re screwed-up people without any drop of consideration towards a creation. if you don’t like it – don’t buy it. keep it at yourself and don’t hurt the author, because someone may like it and wish that author would continue the work on it.

    sorry for the rant, I just don’t like obsessed people

    • > Aya Hirano is a fat toad.

      Hey, Aya Hirano is not fat! She’s just … not very good looking … at all. That isn’t her fault, though.

      If anyone thinks I’m trolling Aya supporters, I’m not! I just don’t get why she gets so much attention. OMG … is Aya Hirano the Paris Hilton of Japanese cartoons?

      > And less virgin-obsessed failures of mankind.

      Seriously, agreed! Some of the commenters here are making kittens, Jesus, *AND* God cry. =|

  • God you people are all retarded, except relentlessflame who seems to be the one individual who actually understands the internet.

    THERE IS NO OUTRAGED OTAKU CROWD. It’s like five people on 2ch who thought it’d be hilarious to troll the shit out of dumb moe fans like you. And yeah, it’s pretty hilarious, especially since they can trick some retarded “animu journalist” into making a completely mundane “mangaka ill, manga on hiatus for a while” statement into “2CH’ERS RAPED THE MANGAKA, MANGA CANCELLED, SKY IS FALLING (ps this is all pure speculation so don’t take it seriously ok)”

    Please lrn2internet so you can tell a fakepost and a troll when you see one.

    • There are literally tens of thousands of posts and hundreds of sites reacting to this and the previous issues.

      There look to be a few thousand posts on this story alone, only hours after it started getting spread on 2ch. And most of them are blaming the original virgin hunters or crowing “ざまぁwwwwww”. Quite an impressive reaction. And what kind of fool wouldn’t start to wonder if the two events weren’t connected?

      You might want to take your own advice.

      • > There are literally tens of thousands of posts and hundreds of sites reacting to this and the previous issues.

        I fail to see how a big reaction to a popular manga being put on hiatus makes your baseless sensationalist speculation any more valid. And what are they reacting to? The actual facts or the sensationalist headlines?

        This whole affair goes something like:
        1) trolls post on 2ch going hurr durr
        2) dumb people both inside and outside of Japan get trolled and go LOOK AT ALL THESE CREEPY OTAKUS, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW FUCKED UP THEY ARE
        3) animu “journalists” who are too dense to tell a good troll from a real story pick up on it and gives it some sensationalist moral outrage headlines
        4) manga is put on hiatus for reasons unknown
        5) animu “journalists” see potential for even more eyebrow-raising headlines, and since those give visits and visits give advertising income as well as epenis, the story is blown up even further with some completely baseless speculation and is also linked to a completely unrelated rape story

        The entire original “HURRRR NOT A VIRGIN” outrage was a FAKEPOST. A troll, if you will. In other words, bullshit. While there is a remote possibility that the mangaka might have gotten trolled too, I seriously doubt it, and this “trolls get manga cancelled” spin is wayyyy to dumb to be even remotely believable.

        • math4origami says:

          While it is true that it is possible that the root of the opinion was started by only a few people, and maybe a couple of scripts they wrote to make themselves seem larger, that doesn’t change the fact that there was at least ONE person having that opinion. ONE person having an opinion can mean a great deal, especially if the media choose to say so.

          What did “Joe the Plummer” mean to the recent election?

        • And what if I say “oh I read 2ch all day”? Does it make my argument more or less valid? People on the internet say things all the time, most of which have no relation to reality whatsoever.
          (I don’t know anywhere near the amount of Japanese required to read 2ch in any manner. Oh wait, was that just me trolling you? How do you even know I’m the same person as the TheFluff who posted last comment?)

          The point is not about 2ch. It is not about Japanese people. It’s about the basic fact of the internet that any sufficiently large unmoderated community will inevitably attract people who are mostly interested in making other community members post dumb things that they can laugh at. Like me in this comment thread for example.

          OR, it could be that this entire site is an elaborate metatroll and you’re sitting here laughing at all these morons who take the internet seriously. Shit, I got trolled, didn’t I?

        • You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about – you admit by omission of denial that you’ve never even read 2ch or any of the connected sites. I suppose you somebody told you this? Or are you just guessing?

          Ironic for someone so obsessed with “fakeposts” to be making one themselves out of complete ignorance.

        • > paranoid ravings
          I had a lawl

          It’s the biggest internet forum in the world and has next to no moderation whatsoever. How could it possibly NOT be full of trolls? Just look at 4chan which is a fraction of the size. Pick any post on any board at any given moment and the likelihood of it either being a fakepost, a troll, copypasta, an insult or just some bullshit is extremely high.

          I repeat, I don’t think you “get” the internet.

        • Have you even read 2ch, or any of the constellation of sites around it? You may as well say the entire Japanese Internet is nothing but trolls. But you have never read any of it, have you?

          You might like to find somewhere to repeat your paranoid ravings where they actually care, unlike here.

        • uh.

          2ch is quite possibly the biggest fakeposting/trolling central on the internet, and that says something. reporting on what 2chan is saying is kind of like posting amusing chatlogs from one of those automated chatbots; it may certainly be incredibly entertaining but it doesn’t have any connection whatsoever to what actual people actually think.

          2ch is also completely anonymous. write autoposting script -> write database of complaints -> get a proxy or three -> pres butan -> AUTOMATIC SHITSTORM!

          actually you don’t even need to go anywhere near that far, just get five or six people with too much spare time and blammo you have “hundreds of people complaining”. if you knew how the internet worked you’d know that these things usually happen spontaneously: someone posts a good fakepost, someone gets trolled, someone else who realizes the OP is a fakepost continues the fakeposting and there you go, the ball is rolling. in this case it just rolled unusually far.

          and yes, I’m going to continue repeating “you done got trolled, son” until you realize how dumb you are.

        • You must be new here?

          You seem not to realise that it is not my speculation, but that of 2ch, and also fail to realise that there are no “real stories” in entertainment or art coverage, only meaningless froth designed to entertain. Go and read a science journal if you want “real stories”, those are the only ones you’ll find. Better yet, direct your complaints against the mass media and see how far you get; they publish more such stories than we ever could.

          Did you even read the original threads? They had hundreds of participants all wretchedly whining about the issue. Thousands more heaped scorn upon them.

          Or are you just going to keep repeating your “you got trolled” mantra?

  • She’s still a virgin,,,

    But some fucking freako said that she’s not a virgin anymore because she HAD A BOYFRIEND before…

    Just fuck themself… What a bunch of retarded shitty people… They don’t have a brain….


  • alex1_phang3 says:

    First the blame, then tearing up the manga . . and now this?!

    The only thing I want to hear now is the author got better and continue to draw the series. I cant bear to see such nice series go to waste.

    I AM curious though, about whether or not this is a cover up for the author being forced to stop the manga or this is just her being sick of two reason I could think of, a genuine illness or the behavior of the “fans” .

    I DO hope its the later, just keep releasing the manga and let those people know what they’ve missed all this time they were “concerning” about nagi’s virginity.

  • Part of me wants Ms. Eri Takenashi to come back healthy. (Even if it is a stunt; you can’t “stunt” your own health.)

    Another part of me wants to laugh at the miserable otaku who think they have the power to take anybody down with them.

    But a third part of me is glad that I live in the good-ol’ US of A where crap like this only happens in politics and not everywhere else. 😛

  • The whole thing is a mess and I have to say that some of the people above are either very good trolls or just very stupid.

    I never watched or read Kannagi and I never understood what was so fantastic about the character that would cause some shut-ins to rip up their manga because she had a boyfriend. In recent years it seems that the Japanese hardcore Otaku crowd are getting more and more desperate as they inch further away from society. Remember that retarded petition that was demanding the government allow them to marry 2D individuals so they could be happy?

    Even if one of those miserable fucks could marry Nagi e would never be happy because you can’t have sex with a 2 dimension character. That, and I bet other insane Otaku would hunt him down and murder him so they could claim the widow Nagi.

    I hope the author a quick recovery from what I hope is not a stress induced illness caused by her rabid and psychotic fans.

    • For some reason, I found your comment to be the best so far. And to answer your question: because it’s damn fun to read. =D

      Too many lame troll comments. Where are all the creative trolls nowadays?

      Best wishes to the manga author and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

      • “Too many lame troll comments. Where are all the creative trolls nowadays?”

        They either: A) grew up, B) grew a pair, C) got an actual boy/girlfriend, or D) went an hero on all of us.

        Yeah… I hope if this is an actual illness, that Ms. Takenashi gets well and quickly.

  • Well like otaku skipping school if they will show kannagis pantsu and destroying a whole set of manga just becouse she isn’t a virgin is pretty otaku like.
    I finally really realized what kind of things it means to be an otaku,well probably thats only a certain group of otakus who are so crazy.Also otaku are kinda self healt hazard to them if they overdoo it and become a real problem in the community.

    And kannagis otakus were really going overboard.So fuck you,anime should be a hobby and not something you will live for only and want to make it happen your way,you need to notice your soroundings and live.

  • I can’t believe how retarded the majority of responses are to this article are. You’re all freaking otaku weeaboo faggots and are just as much to blame as anyone else for being so obsessed.

      • I daresay that someone who still likes and supports Kannagi is better than someone flipping out over their waifu being nonvirginal.

        The “obsessed” anime fans who don’t care about this stupid shit and love the shows are the ones supporting and helping the industry. I don’t see how you can even put them in the same bucket. That’s like comparing every single Christian alive to Westboro Minister. Or every Atheist to Varg Vikernes.

        God I swear a few people were also saying this stupid shit at the dismissal of Ai Kago and other idols from hello!project. No. Just no.

        Groups and things don’t suffer from having fans. Things suffer from having PSYCHOPATHIC and CONTROLLING fans. What that Otaku did is some fucking Me-Mania shit.

  • relentlessflame says:

    I like how the more obvious answer got buried in the article: “Of course, there is the possibility of a genuine illness.” And why, may I ask, isn’t this the more-likely conclusion?

    This is typical 2ch attention-whoring, where they believe their actions make the world go round. And here, you again play up the 2ch drama to make more sensationalistic headlines (Might as well have said “Extreme otaku cause manga-ka to feel ill, cancel manga.” News at 11!). There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this turn of events is connected to the latest 2ch stupidity, nor is there any concrete evidence to suggest that the whole “virgin fiasco” is anything more than 2ch’s typical pandering to extremes. (Especially given that DVD sales for the anime have thus far proved quite good — if there were *really* widespread otaku outrage, don’t you think it would have a measurable impact on sales?)

    People should really take anything sourced on 2ch with a huge grain of salt. It can be *entertaining*, but reality is typically much more mundane. 2ch exists to get noticed (“we’re relevant, dammit!”), and this is a perfect example of how they do that. The problem is that your average English speaker doesn’t understand that dynamic, and seems to take everything stated on this blog as objective fact-based reporting. It’s not.

    • “Speculation”, “blamed”, “some say” – nowhere have I done anything but present the developing response to the event, along with the event itself. I did not anywhere present the 2ch froth as anything but, in this article or previous ones.

      I am reporting the objective facts of what is going on on 2ch. This is done to inform and entertain. The average English speaker understands this completely.

      • I understand what your saying artefact. This is definitely ammusing! No matter how you try to explain, this whole thing seems like a HUGE troll, even with hard evidence. I do like the “variety” of opinions though! RABBLE ON!

      • relentlessflame says:

        “I am reporting the objective facts of what is going on on 2ch. This is done to inform and entertain. The average English speaker understands this completely.”

        Well, then let me clarify. I have noticed considerable confusion among the English-speaking audience that I’ve encountered about the relation between 2ch and the overall otaku market. When 2ch gets up in a tizzy about something and starts burning books or whatever, I constantly encounter people who mistakenly believe that this is some sort of *massive market-wide backlash* or something, when in reality it is just the action of a few people trying to get attention and playing up the latest thing to rage about on 2ch. That’s 2ch culture. It’s exactly the difference between “forum drama” and “real life”. People were actually wondering how the “massive otaku backlash to Nagi’s virginity impacted DVD sales”, and quoting you as the source that the wide-spread backlash was real. I mean, really?

        I have no qualms with your claims that you are providing objective reporting on the latest goings-on on 2ch. What I feel bears reminding that opinions expressed on 2ch aren’t representative of the “real world”. It, like any other forum, has a personality and culture all its own. I know that this is obvious to you and me, but I have noticed that many people can’t seem to tell the difference. 2ch would love to believe that their actions are what caused this latest development, but odds are that it’s one of any number of more likely explanations.

        • You sir, are horribly misguided.

          If you were really aware of facts, you’d know that DVD sales are driven PRIMARILY by hard-core fans. 2CH’s population essentially IS the hardcore fanbase.

          It may only be 100 or so posters that you see in a thread, but bare in mind many of those VIPers’ opinions and thoughts are generally very pursuasive, remember that as the most vocal part of the fanbase, their opinion is much more easily observed by the publishers and producers

          As was illustrated in the States by the anonymous vs scientology hooha, the “virgin-nerds” and ‘moronic otakus’ are larger in influence and numbers than you think. Even more so in J-land and 2ch.

          “We are anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget”

  • I don’t think otakus causing an unjust shitstorm over a character that they didn’t own is any reason to cease publication of the manga. If it sells, it sells. That’s what I think. If the author is sick, then that’s pretty just imo; however, if she’s stopping just because former rabid fanboys (former because they stopped becoming fans once they started bashing), then I’d say that she’s doing herself and her manga a huge disservice.

    • Otaku causing a shitstorm made a founding member of Gainax resign from the board of directors. (Of course that shitstorm wasn’t entirely unjust since said member behaved in a pretty unprofessional way and insulted the fans.) It’s Japan, after all.

      In any case, I suppose the “indefinite” hiatus will last only as long as the shitstorm abates and most people forget about the whole issue. Meanwhile the mangaka will work something out about the stupid virginity issue. Unless Kannagi merch starts not selling well…

  • call me shallow, but i didn’t start this one cause i hated her hair, specifically, her bangs. one of my most hated female hair styles.
    i don’t watch toradora cause i’m tired of tsundre, so i’m just left with magical Index.

  • The level of stupidity of you people is astounding. Virgins and non-virgins? Does it really matter? It’s a fucking character in a rather interesting series. It is not real. Get a goddamn life and a real girlfriend for christ sakes.

    Seriously though I’m pissed. I used to follow the series before the anime and before people even knew what Kannagi was. If the reason is because of rabid otaku’s then I hope every last one of them die through incineration and beheading (preferably at the same time).

    It’s still a great series and I hope it continues publication soon (if the author is actually sick hope you get well soon regardless if you continue series or not).

    • ‘Virgins and non-virgins? Does it really matter? It’s a fucking character in a rather interesting series. It is not real. ‘

      It only matters as much as any fictional story matters.

      Hamyuts Meseta is a fictional non-virgin.

      Her non-virginity matters insofar as it advances the story of “The Book of Bantorra.”

      Quality writing is more important than virgin/nonvirgin status.

      Kannagi, I am sad to say, ran out of good ideas. The story started out okay, but it had been getting weaker and weaker. Let it die and let new stories start.

  • Noooo! Every Kannagi fan (the sane ones) go get your pitch forks and torches. It’s time for some Evil Otaku Hunting!

    lol but seriously, I hope all good and well to Eri if it’s a sudden illness. If the Evil Otaku’s are to blame, I curse you to be blinded till Eri recovers. No longer can you watch your Moe Virgins and play Eroge’s. If she just wants to relax from the onslaught from those Pathetic Virgin Obssessing Otaku’s, then hope she can clear her mind and calm herself and be ready to resume.

    If this is a publicity stunt of sort…meh gotten use to it by now, what celeb or not doesn’t pull one. Happens every week in the West.

    • Yeah, I read that too. I hope its a typo and not “Kanna-gay” or something. Or perhaps Kannagei can be used to describe the virgin otaku fans that can’t get over the whole boyfriend issue.

  • Also forgot to mention that it sucks for people who paid for those fanclub cards. Congrats you possibly just paid over 250 for a fanclub that might not even see the end of the manga. Sucks to be you.

  • Pobably this is a punishment for those stupid Otaku. Even they hate what happen in the story, but in DEEP INSIDE their heart, they still love Kannagi.

    Let’s think about this fact. Who is the most suffer when Kannagi manga now inactive? Those stupid otaku. We, the normal otaku will just pray for the mangaka to get better, while those idiot otaku will either fell sorry about what they did.

    Don’t worry, the manga will continued after few months of vacum.

  • NOOOOOOOOO!!! please get well soon and continue drawing the manga, other than those f*ucked up otaku there are more of us that appreciate nagi-sama no-matter what she is made of. One question though, what about the anime?