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The $7,500 Schoolgirl Sex Slaves


A group of men who bought several girls for roughly ¥750,000 each, and then forcibly rented them out as prostitutes, has been arrested under anti-slavery legislation.

The slavers, a 58-year-old salaryman, a 56-year-old manager of an eating establishment, and one other unidentified man, apparently bought several girls from a supplier in Macao, China, telling the girls they were to be workers in their karaoke snack bar, situated in Chiba.

However, the two girls they bought, at that time 17 and 18, had been tricked and were instead forced to work as prostitutes.

After their purchase in August, it seems it took several months for the matter to come to the attention of authorities, for the arrests took place in December.

Via ZakZak.

The unfortunate girls at least got off lightly in being sent to Japan – it could have been much worse under the circumstances. Very much worse indeed.

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